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  1. The obvious outcomeof all this, is that it is best to avoid Lionair and similar airlines. If the crews are not reporting defects they are contributing to circumstances that will result in their jobs disappearing.
  2. Yenn

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Given that the average RAAus member only wants to fly and not get involved with politics and that the management of RAAus know this, we have no leverage at all. We could of course not pay our fees as they come due, but where would that take you. At some time in the future there will be another directors election and you can have your vote then. The CEO doesn't get booted out because he is not an elected member. If enough people had the sense to vote against the present set up when we had the chance, we wouldn't be in this situation now. What can we do? Bury our heads in the sand as we did before.
  3. When I learnt to fly, quite some time ago. I had training in low level ops. It tought me that it is not as easy as it looks. Mainly that you have to watch the ball because wind affecting your flight path will make you think you are skidding or slipping when you are not, I learnt enough to know that it is not something to take on lightly. Same with instrument flight, I was safe flying on instruments until something distracted me, then I lost it. It was a great learning experience and I will not get into IFR conditions, because I know I cannot handle it. Unlike several pilots I know who assure me they can fly in cloud using the compass and maybe a GPS. Some even admit to having done it, but I have my doubts after watching their standards of flying. As far as ongoing training and flight reviews. There has to be a wish to learn something new. It is easy to pass a flight review and not get anything out of it. I once had an instructor chip me for losing 100' in a stall in a Jabiru, a plane I had never flown before. When he commented I said "I was just enjoying stalling and keeping the wings level with the rudder" I suppose I was too laid back to recover at the first nibble of the stall, but wanted to feel what the plane could do, rather than please the instructor.
  4. Yenn

    Sideslipping again. . .

    One great use of a sideslip is to control glide to landing. I think the sideslip is better than using flaps. When you use flaps to steepen descent and you have to go round, you have to get the flaps up gently to prevent a stall. If you are sideslipping and need to go around, apply throttle, take pressure off stick and rudder and you are immediately way away from a stall situation.
  5. Did they have attitude instrumentation? Did they have Air speed indication? If the answer is yes, then the pilots could have worked out that the automation was at fault. But Boeing say that the pilots had all the info to fly safely. It looks to me as if Boeing was remiss in not pointing up how the system works and the pilots had very little time to recover the plane even if they made the correct diagnosis, Having heard several cockpit voice recorders where the pilots are asking each other "what is it doing" I expect that will be what they find here.
  6. Yenn

    Flyin Competitions/Games

    An air show is where aircraft put on a flying display. Old Station did have a break from airshows one year, but then went back to annual shows. CASA brought in more and more legislation and one year Old Station airshow was doubtful right up to the last day, as CASA hadn't finished writing the rules, or maybe hadn't worked out what they meant. The last airshow was organised by the actual airshow pilots, rather than Old Station. Paul Bennet will organise an airshow and get all the approvals and I dare say there are others to do the same.
  7. Surely when you are referring to spanner sizes AF means across the flats.
  8. When I built my RV4 I ordered a yard long imperial ruler, just to make life easier. that was 2010 and it still hasn't arrived at "Tool Supplies" our local tool experts. I made do with inch / metric tapes and uase a calculator to work out all the measurements as I went. No real problems. If the design is good most of the sizes will be standard for the materials, such as 4130 steel tube or 2024 aluminium. anyway and no doubt most of it will come from USA as we make very little in Australia.
  9. Yenn

    "Phantom" radio reception

    If you turn one radio off does it still happen to the other?
  10. So how do you adjust mixture on a Jab?
  11. I used to run on 45 min reserve and will still do that. 30 mins doesn't allow for much if you are flight planning down to that close a figure. Don't know how I will be able to calculate fuel remaining in flight with great accuracy. My fuel gauges are not very accurate so I just keep a time and consumption figure.
  12. Yenn

    October regulatory wrap-up

    The frequency to use in class G airspace seems sensible to me, but as it is working at the moment it is still not safe. I use Avplan electronic charts and others also use Oz Runways. We have to have ALAs switched on to see airstrips which are on the paper charts. That means that if ALAs are not switched on those of us using electronic charts will not know of the strip and could go charging through the circuit, completely unaware of its existence and on a different radio frequency. Not the best safety outcome in my opinion. The other thing that pisses me of is that my local strip, Rodds Bay, has suddenly appeared as an ALA, called Iveragh, YIVG. I wonder how that is going to be pronounced by pilots flying nearby
  13. Yenn

    Accident and defect

    With RAAus crowing about how good they are at getting the accident rate down I can see that they would not want to bring a fatal accident to everyones attention. I believe that we can all learn better form someone elce's accident rather than have our own, so publishing accident reports is a safety promoter. The report does not have to include all the details, if they are subject to the coroners scrutiny, but a report of type of aircraft, pilots name and location would help. We all have heard of accidents where the pilot was considered to be an accident waiting to happen
  14. Yenn

    Accident and defect

    Not only are they a joke, they make it up as they go along. I put in a report few years ago and they commented that I was not compliant with the regs , Didn't even understand what I was saying. took a long time to get it amended.
  15. Yenn

    Accident and defect

    I see that the accident and defect records published by RAAus are once again becoming useless. There are 9 published in the current list which have no details except for type of plane time and place. Not much to be learned from that info. I have queried RAAus once before about this and they replied that they were short of staff to complete the job. Studying the problems others have had, is in my opinion one of the best ways to fly safer, Studying the info given by RAAus is just a waste of time.