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  1. In my RV it is possible to get out of balance and still be within weight limits. With very heavy passenger and also luggage, it is possible to take off at less than max weight and as the fuel burns off the C of G moves back beyond its safe limit.
  2. I would agree that generally men are heavier than women, but their is another factor to think of here. The type of man who is attracted to flight attendant work has a certain mental outlook. I will not give its usual name. That means he is usually more careful about his appearance and therefore less likely to be overweight
  3. CASA made a quick decision with the radio frequencies and I think they made the wrong decision. Our strip at Rodds Bay is now called Iveragh, even though there is Rodds Bay written on the charts closer than the YIVG. Problem is Airservices bureoucrats couldn't resist changing something.Now we have to say Rodds Bay, Iveragh and who knows how to pronounce Iveragh? I doubt that any decision on weights will be made while I am still flying.
  4. Put your finger up in front of the mirror so that the light is reflected onto it. Move your finger until it aligns with who you are trying to attract, while keeping the reflected light on your finger. Takes longer to write than to do.
  5. Are Aussie female flight attendants lighter than males?
  6. Garmin are fantastic. Just read all the ads. They have become what every pilot aspires to. I am not so enamoured as I have used Garmin for over twenty years and in my opinion they have got more complex and capable of doing a multitude of things, but are also getting less user friendly. My 196 works OK but has always chewed batteries. Less than an hour and new batteries are flat, so it only gets ships power and works well. My latest is a bushwalking GPS and it is an absolute bastard to use. Nothing is logical and it only wants to do what I don't need. I reckon if you don't need a garmin, don't waste your money on one. The defining word is "need"
  7. My Icom also died, the handheld that is. I never liked it as much as the Yaesu. The Yaesu was deemed repairable and is now done, just waiting for delivery. The repairer is VK Radio Repairs of Thomastown Victoria. The defect was a faulty startup clock, whatever that means. I was pleased to get it repaired as I don't like our throw away society.
  8. I use flight time. From start of take off run to standstill after a flight. That includes taxi back to start point or wherever, but not taxi to start of take off run.
  9. What do you mean by "Air box"? Is it the box directing air to the carbie, or is it where the cooling air comes before it goes around the heads?
  10. The old style with the leads outside the ducts work well for me, but I doubt that having the leads inside would heat them up much, as the air passing them is on its way to the hot parts, not having passed them. One the air starts its downward journey, past the cylinder head fins it is picking up heat.
  11. I just found my Visual Flight Guide 11th edition 1977. I will have to take a good look at it to see what has changed. At a guess I would think not much really. One thing I do notice is that the cruising levels used to be quadrantal rather than hemispherical.
  12. Elevators can benefit from adding VGs They can increase the elevator control at very high angles of attack. Probably more effective than gap seals.
  13. I have sent the radio to a repairer who will quote on repair cost. Will keep you informed about the outcome.
  14. Yenn


    The advantage of training and doing stalls is that we can learn to recognise the onset of a stall. I know when I am slow on approach, with little feel in the stick, that if the wing starts to drop I need to use the rudder to pick it up. Funnily when I am even slower during the flare it is safer to use the aileron to level the plane off. All due to ground effect I think.
  15. Yenn

    poly fiber

    You can download the Spruce catalog on line and in the past I have been able to view separate pages on line. Look for covering supplies. I have found I get quicker service from Aircraft Spruce, than from any Australian supplier and it is also cheaper, even adding in the exchange rate and postage. If I was building again I would not use Stitts. It is first class material, but over the yeears it will get damaged and it is impossible to buy small quantities for repair work. My personal preference would be to use the new German covering which is pre finished. I got some as a sample some time ago and it seems good.
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