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  1. Yenn

    RV ownership costs

    Registration if it is GA is nothing per year. I am not sure if a 7A would be registerable with RAAus
  2. Taken 20 miles South East of Gladstone from the Corby
  3. Flying dog says it is reported to have nose dived from a high altitude. How would that square with others speculating about engine failures? It sounds more like a mechanical failure of controls, or possibly medical, but I doubt that.
  4. Make me an offer. I can supply you with 50 of 3/32, not sure how many of 1/8 I have. I am in central Qld near Gladstone. Ph 0749750209
  5. Yes I was and I only speak as I find. Tony didn't impress me and had some funny ideas. He reckoned you couldn't 3 point the Thruster, something I have done hundreds of times, in fact I only tried to fly it on once and decided it was dangerous. You are right, we do need sites like that.
  6. The most common tank engine I came across was the Rolls Meteor, which is an un supercharged Merlin. Churchills had a Bedford and the Yank stuff had Chev V8s, but they were LVTs mainly The Bren carriers had a flat head Ford V8.
  7. I doubt that it exists. The self proclaimed expert who instigated it died years ago.
  8. I meant to type 8 instead of 6. A no 8 will screw into a 10 easily and feel correct until it gets a bit of torque applied, when nit will just pull through. It would jiggle a bit when inserted showing that it is too small.
  9. I am wondering about those air cooled tanks. I was a tank mechanic in the army in the fifties and the only air cooled engines I came across were LVTs made in America. they had a radial engine with a wire shroud to keep garbage out of the fan. I have not attempted to keep up with tank engineering since those days, so maybe I am missing something.
  10. You could also try a number 6 screw to se if it screws in correctly. from memory the diameter difference between 8 and 10 should be .006" It should screw in easily and still be sloppy when tight, with a touch more torque it should pull out. Does the nutplate have its number stamped on it?
  11. They are designed to be tight to restrain the screw. I have had some which seemed excessively tight an put a tap part way through just to ease them up. If you put the tap too far through they will be loose.
  12. Who would have allowed the build. As far as I can recollect, the strip is owned by the house builder. He has the rights to allow or disallow. Are we expecting everything to be allowed or not by some faceless bureaucrat?
  13. I reckon I qualify as an older pilot and age has affected me. I have no wish to die, nor am I afraid of dieing, I just hope it is not painfull. I find it easier to cancel a flight or to turn back, but the greatest effect old age has on me is that it reduces my confidence. There are things that I know I can do quite safely, but I bother about them until I actually get into doing them. Flying is one of those things, but sometimes I just have that feeling that it is a bit beyond me. A long distance flight can be viewed with trepidation, until I say to myself, just start it and if I still feel uncomfortable, then turn back. I haven't turned back yet and usually have a very enjoyable trip. Just thinking back, I have turned back, due to weather and I feel I made the correct decision. Someone mentioned the red DH. That was one of my turn back days. I was at Monto ready to leave because I didn't like the forecast weather when he arrived. I as safely hoe when he crashed due to flying into cloud.
  14. I would like to think that I fit on the right hand side of the graph. I have made the decision not to fly, or to turn back a few times and it seems to get easier every time. I want to be the pilot who nobody notices, Not sure if I am achieving that aim.
  15. This is what I started this page for. As I see it we have these incident reports, but they tell us little. As far as RAAus re writing for clarity, it doesn't work. I put in a report about a brake lock up causing a ground loop on landing in the Corby. That resulted in the timber block that the tailwheel spring is attached to cracking. All described in the report. What they printed said that I failed to check the tailwheel attachment during my pre flight. Just an absolute load of rubbish and not worth reading as it had no bearing on what happened.
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