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  1. Thanks for posting the close up photo, that is a help!
  2. A few years ago I lost two fuel caps in a row and I still have no idea why. I had one remaining from a stored belly tank which I took to a local machine shop and the owner created an exact copy. This is in Georgia in the US, so I assume you have more economical alternatives locally. And yes, the holes were added for a lanyard ...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7A7QsrNb2M
  4. The condition of my tail boom has remained unchanged but I am still interested in gathering the specs regarding this mod. If anyone is in contact with Wayne, I emailed him again today and hope he is able to respond.
  5. Great idea but I don't seem to see a photo here, am I missing something?
  6. Thanks for the lube idea, Frank.
  7. I'm the second owner of this aircraft, but I have the original Austflight SB construction manual. A quick check of the parts diagram calls this an AN4-62A. Seems like it's about 11"/27 cm long!
  8. Time for annual maintenance and inspection. I was looking at the AN4-62 bolt which passes through the tail boom and holds the leading edge of the vertical stab and a set of flying wires on my strut braced Drifter. Seems like a lot of stress and vibration is absorbed by this single bolt. Anyone care to comment on a regular practice of replacing/inspecting this bolt (or not)? Any known failures of this bolt? Also, what lube seems to work best for the elevator push rod pass-throughs along the tail boom? Looking for a compromise of good lube, but not attracting dirt & debris on a grass
  9. The new Drifter folks do not answer my emails. Wayne Fisher has also not replied.
  10. No.. I'm the second owner. The kit was imported in 1997 and ass'd in the US. Although I have reviewed all of the Drifter safety bulletins, I don't think the airplane ever received any mods or doublers. Photos would be most welcome. If a measure could be snuck into the shots for scale that would be most appreciated. Thanks for the reply!
  11. I have an Austflight Drifter SB. Can anyone say if the tailwheel leaf spring and assembly have common parts with other models of Drifter? Mine was slightly bent by a previous owner and I thought the only adverse effect was some uneven wear of the tailwheel rubber, but I see it is putting unnecessary stress on the tail and I'd prefer to change it out. So - I'd prefer like parts unless someone can tell me another assembly would be a better fit without major modifications to the airframe. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone else have information, drawings, anything to help explain this modification???
  13. Thanks folks. I am seeing an average of 40-43psi during operations. Before I did much trouble shooting I was curious to see if I was even close to correct (as the max of 76psi is quite a bit higher than 40). Given the above responses I'm probably okay, yet the sender may be causing the flux. One step at a time ....
  14. The 2200 manual says that the oil pressure range is 31-76psi. Will anyone share the pressure they are seeing once warmed up, stable, and cruising? Anyone seeing much flux in the pressure (aside from throttle changes)? Thanks, Ken
  15. Drifters are not common in the US and I have been viewing as many online photos as possible to get ideas on how other Drifters are configured. I have noticed that many have a rounded patch/doubler installed on the underside of the end of the fuselage boom - it appears to strengthen the tailwheel and vertical stab post areas. Can you guys tell me if this was a factory/kit piece or was it the result of a service bulletin? Anyone have experience installing one - any do's or don'ts? My airplane is a '97 Austflight SB kit and does not have the mod. It is developing the beginning of a smal
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