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  1. HI Pete.  Do you still have that Thuster t500 for sale? If so can you tell me a bit about it. ie engine. Approx hours on airframe/engine and condition of skins etc?


    Thanks a lot.

    1. Pilot Pete

      Pilot Pete

      I’ll chase up the hours tomorrow. 

    2. extralite


      Hi Pete...what did you find out?

  2. Been awhile since I’ve been on the forum. Good to hear Bex that things are getting better for you. Was only thinking the other day on how all this bs between our governments was affecting you and your project. Ive bought so much through Chinese manufacturers of late and DONT have a problem at all with my dealings, and I think the feelings are mutual.
  3. Hi, are you still wanting a T500 Thruster. I have one to sell. cheers.....Pete
  4. Be interesting to see how you do that canopy since the rear fuse is flat sided and not rounded.
  5. Looking good my man. Glad to hear your recovering well. cheers.....Pete
  6. Said with tounge in cheek mind you.......I think...... yes...... no.......yeah I’ll make it a yes.
  7. “ABOUT BLOODY TIME” they all shouted, except for ft who stood snivelling in the corner because once again Bex would be submitting the forum to his horrid use of........ I’ll say it softly hear as to not upset anyone..... sketchup
  8. See Bex, we all missed you................................ I think
  9. That must of been a bit sketchy. But i suppose thats just mine over matter
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