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  1. Hi Silvercity. Not much to report yet, I have submitted the initial application. The eng is still getting his figures together. I have to get an up dated annual on the acft, which is due next month anyway, so was waiting to align that together. It is is slow progress thus far.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I was only going to 3600-3800 as the stupid, heel pedalled calliper brakes can't hold it. I will aim to get up to 4000 from here on. Cheers.
  3. Hi Round sounds. I agree 100%, and this is my practise. I am more after an improvement in my general knowledge of running a LSA motor, the techniques involved, and what to discuss with the L2 and what he is talking about. I am not mechanically trained or minded. This hobby can be a disastrous one if one becomes too blasé about the potential outcomes. I want to know what I am doing wrong to cause this problem. The L2 I have engaged (Dieter, for those near YCAB) is friendly, accessible, knowledgable, experienced and competent. He does everything or supervises my every attempt to have a
  4. As it turns out, the lack of any progress toward this out come has frustrated me into action. I have engaged an Aeronautical Engineer last week to conduct the necessary inspections and calculations to enable an application for me to increase the MTOW of my GR912s to 544kg. I am only seeking this 64 kg increase. If it leads anywhere, I will keep this forum up to date. Depending on the cost, I will be able to share any info to allow others to also agitate RAAus for an increase tho their machines as well. Wish me luck....
  5. Thanks for the responses. I am unknowing about such things. I like getting educated. Cheers.
  6. If the plug is not substandard, what am I doing wrong to cause this error?
  7. Thanks for your response. The only temp gauge is the oil temp from the engine. Are you suggesting the plugs are substandard, or is that the fix because the plugs have been damaged?
  8. Afternoon all. I have a Q about too much RPM drop during the runup on a Rotax 912ULS. With one of the Mag switches off, the result is a bit too much rough running. I suspect it is a fouled spark plug (that is what it was last time this occurred). Last time, I had the L2 look at it. He removed each spark plug and found the offending plug, cleaned the carbon build up off and replaced it. Is there any way to burn this off with out removing the plug? I am unable to lean off the mixture - there is no mixture lever. I only run the motor on Mogas so far. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  9. Thanks Downunder. I will investigate the plug.
  10. Evening All, I am a freshly minted owner of a GR912s Lightwing.I am getting to know my new aircraft and have taken it out for a couple of local trips around town. I have a couple of questions for those who are experienced on type. 1. At takeoff/climb power, the oil pressure sits at or over the maximum on the green gauge arc. That is the green arc for normal is 50psi up to 90psi. The red indicator needle sits at about 90-95 (hard to tell with a bit of parallax error). The gauge goes up to 100 psi. Oil temp always sits at mid range. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Does it need re
  11. Hi Riley yes, the tongue-in-cheek-ness went through to the keeper, as I am getting the impression (not from this forum) that it seems to be an acceptable practise to load in excess of the MTOW, irrespective of the lack of space. Two pilots and full fuel load will over load the aircraft. Cheers
  12. Hughes Engineering is still there, even if Howie is there only in spirit. Would a letter from them suffice? ...but would the re insurer or CASA think it's funny? Don't reckon.
  13. Yes I have read it, but feel that it doesn't answer the questions. The Lightwing I am buying has a placarded MTOW of 480kg. Can I just 'declare' that it is now 544kg (1200lb) because the Regs are a little more relaxed? I don't reckon I can. So how do the Coominya lightwings, which are of a similar manufacture date, achieve a higher MTOW? Has any other operator with a 12 yo Lightwing got a better MTOW than 480kg? It would make a huge difference to its usability.
  14. I dunno. Speaking to the RAAus dude, CASA need some engineering specs to allow it. If it was as simple as being 55 registered, then what would the MTOW be? Where is this info?
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