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  1. We all have the answer, its the very studied and factual speech given by a juvenile scandinavian who seems to have major psychological issues so it must be true.   Obviously the many scientists who have studied for years and kept and analysed records for generations must be wrong, after all, an iumpassioned speech to the august UN body must be believed.   Lemmjings leap off cliffs because they are cfonvinced their leader knows where to go, climate conspiracy theorists seem to be doing the same thing.    Remember folks, at the end of the day, FOLLOW THE MONEY, and who is making it before believing anything this wild.



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    I just left, as not able to agree with the new regime.


    Take our money, then take us for fools.




    Left what, what new reqime. (do you mean Raa Aus?)   Bit hard to understand what you mean given the context of the rest of the previous posts.



  3. Well said, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. This site has already gained a reputation in the recreational flying community for negativity and RAA bashing.  I too had no issue about completing the survey.


    Is that right, I thought it was a forum that everyone could air their concerns etc.   The "bashing" is by RAA members, and does not appear to be by the page owner or his staff.   I completed the survey but found it limited and only fishing for a couple of answers.   



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  4. Not doing a great job 106 fires with 53 out of control after weeks of fighting these fires. Need 3-4 times more volunteers if they want to get on top of the fires




    They are doing the best they can, with what little they have.   Easy to sit on your computer and criticise.   Have you ever faced a fire and put your life on the line.   People have already died fighting these fires.   Do you have any positive comments or action to assist them?



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  5. I may be cynical, but when NSW (Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong) are  threatened by fires, all the experts come out and try to make a name for themselves.   The country people and regional people have been battling these fires for years without a lot of attention, and doing it well I might add.   Yes the fires are bloody serious and yes the firies are doing brilliantly but the political grandstanding of city folk does not help.   If a pollies country hobby farm, or a CEO from the city's vinyard is threatened then the calls for what can the govt do flow.    The volunteers always done a magnificent job with limited resources.   If the city slickers want to know something, dont askl the pollies, ask the country people who deal with this every year.   (wont happen thopugh because no political mileage to be gained).   Rant over



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  6. Raa-Aus again shows its fantastic skills at speeding the demise of worthwhile events, ie, Temora where the entire town and aviation residents were behind the evnt, this one et5c etc.   The practical support of the sport, open days and airshows, is obviously interfering with someones political/empire building ambitions.   Someone else may get a guernsey and we cant have that.   



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  7. Part of the problem is the falling off of the "old school"  Ra Aus members and pilots   Fewer and fewer are building their own aircraft, Rag and tube and old style aircraft are becvoming thin on the ghround and the inquisitive, self learning mindset these aircraft encouraged are slowly disappearing.   People want instant wisdom now, want all the info handed to them.   Society is encouraging instant gratification so I see the general audience of this site aging. Many of the younger, and not so young pilots are buying pre built plastic fantastics and becoming GA wannabe's.  (shoot me ).   The schools are moving to upmarket new mini GA type aircraft.   Clubs around Oz are possibly experiencing the same thing with the average age of members increasing.  I dont know what needs to be done.    Just my view.



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