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    I am looking to swap in an Enigma EFIS to upgrade my existing HXL display. Would 100USD for a good working unit help inspire someone to upgrade their existing Enigma?


  2. I am thinking shining the laser against the far wall, which any recommendations on good light fine point lasers?
  3. Thanks Bob, I am pretty sure we met a Hood a while back 🙂 Do you have a photo of your contraption per chance?
  4. Hey folks, I am about to launch on a prop/crank indexing, blade tracking, pitch matching, spinner centering, dynamic balancing, further tweaks to the relative pitch and then Fourier transformations on the wave form to help with building some custom engine mounts mission and wondering if people could post some photos of any uber accurate tools they have used or built to measure prop pitch down to 0.01 degrees repeatable. Maybe something like this with a proper 0.01 repeatable digital something (?) maybe mems base reliable digital somethings just don't exist for less that one metric
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