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  1. Blue Drifter

    Drifter WB 582 Flight Manual

    These are still manuals for a 503. I have tried finding manuals for an upright 582 but still haven’t seen one.
  2. Blue Drifter

    Drifters at AusFly.

    How many Drifters are planning on going to Narromine this year for AusFly. Looks like I might be able to make it this year depending on weather, work and the wife. I don’t want to be the only rag n tube there. Thanks.
  3. Blue Drifter

    Drifter WB 582 Flight Manual

    For as much as I have searched, I have only ever found the Flight manual for a 503 WB. If you find one I would like a copy too.
  4. Blue Drifter

    What`s Happening???

    Nice day to take the Drifter for a run around Coota
  5. Blue Drifter

    What`s Happening???

    Gopro 3. Always been a fan of Freddie.
  6. Blue Drifter

    What`s Happening???

  7. Blue Drifter

    Heavy tow record.

    I bet the 787 had no fuel and over inflated tyres. Didn’t some Strongman pull a 747 a few years ago?
  8. Blue Drifter

    ultralight brakes

    G’day Mate, with the BlackMax brakes and not a lot of effort I could comfortably only use the bitumen at Holbrook to land and stop on. 150m of tar.
  9. Blue Drifter

    ultralight brakes

    I have a set of BlackMax brakes on my Drifter. Absolutely love them, they are available at a reasonable price from AircraftSpruce in the US.
  10. Blue Drifter

    What`s Happening???

  11. Blue Drifter

    What`s Happening???

  12. Blue Drifter

    Drifter training

    G’day All, my daughter is undergoing flight training and was wondering is there anybody that can offer conversion training for a Drifter in the Riverina area. Her training so far has been excellent, but I cannot fly my Drifter from the rear seat and her instructor has little hours flying Drifters. Is there anybody in the Riverina that has Drifter training experience.
  13. Blue Drifter

    Mikuni Fuel Pumps

    G’day BP, I’ve had a 3 blade Billy on the back of mine now for 2 years. Being the ample person that I am, I needed the best out of my prop that I could. Thoroughly recommend it. With its current setup the prop won’t allow you to over rev the engine. As a draw back I am now burning an extra litre an hour. But for the extra performance I’ll give that up.
  14. Blue Drifter

    Three greens...

  15. Blue Drifter

    Fabric / Dacron

    How would you go covering a Drifter with that? The Drifter wing is effectively a bag pulled tight. I am curious about its cost and would it effect my Certified aircraft registration? How long does it last?