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Blue Drifter

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  1. Blue Drifter

    Blue Drifter

  2. Photo is 6 months old, still good tho.
  3. Pretty sure there is one in the club hangar at Holbrook.
  4. These are still manuals for a 503. I have tried finding manuals for an upright 582 but still haven’t seen one.
  5. How many Drifters are planning on going to Narromine this year for AusFly. Looks like I might be able to make it this year depending on weather, work and the wife. I don’t want to be the only rag n tube there. Thanks.
  6. For as much as I have searched, I have only ever found the Flight manual for a 503 WB. If you find one I would like a copy too.
  7. Nice day to take the Drifter for a run around Coota
  8. Gopro 3. Always been a fan of Freddie.
  9. I bet the 787 had no fuel and over inflated tyres. Didn’t some Strongman pull a 747 a few years ago?
  10. G’day Mate, with the BlackMax brakes and not a lot of effort I could comfortably only use the bitumen at Holbrook to land and stop on. 150m of tar.
  11. I have a set of BlackMax brakes on my Drifter. Absolutely love them, they are available at a reasonable price from AircraftSpruce in the US.
  12. G’day All, my daughter is undergoing flight training and was wondering is there anybody that can offer conversion training for a Drifter in the Riverina area. Her training so far has been excellent, but I cannot fly my Drifter from the rear seat and her instructor has little hours flying Drifters. Is there anybody in the Riverina that has Drifter training experience.
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