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  1. Hi I am in Mackay and was wondering who you used in Townsville as I need my TXponder seen to a Garrecht
  2. Thanks for the replies. I think I have sourced support locally (Townsville). Microair aren’t an option any more it would seem. Phones are not answered and I’m told they have scaled down their avionics operations. Perhaps someone else might know more on this...
  3. Has anyone recently had their Microair transponder serviced or repaired? I’m looking for a recommended repairer to contact. Thanks in advance.
  4. North Queensland fliers and visitors will be pleased to learn that there is now Avgas available at Ayr, just south of Townsville. A credit card bowser was commissioned last week. Currently $2.21 per litre. Toilet facilities are also available. The Burdekin Council is very keen to promote their area and provide good facilities without landing fees.
  5. To my way of thinking, the Executive have a duty to ensure that all CASA audit requirements are met. Non-compliance to the legislation will have serious consequences for us all!
  6. Allan, are you running on Agas or Mogas? Glad to see you are happy with things so far. John
  7. jcruffle

    Battery Life

    I am conscious that the Odessy battery fitted to my J230 is three and a half years old. It has been great so far. It is flown regularly and keep on full charge when not flying by a trickle charger. I am interested to know what life other forum members are getting out of theirs with similar cirsumstances to me. Should I be getting out the cheque book anytime soon?? John
  8. jcruffle

    Exhaust Cap

    I have found in my Jab that the exhaust pipe cools very quickly, probably because it is made of fairly light material and will not damage the plastic ... however.... it is probably no coincidence that the only cap to fail is the one on the exhaust. The cap that covers the air intake is fine. I guess there must be some residual heat internally that has affected it.
  9. jcruffle

    Exhaust Cap

    Thanks, Andrew. You are a legend. John
  10. jcruffle

    Exhaust Cap

    :confused: I damaged the red plastic cap that protects the exhaust on my 230 (the one with the 'Remove Before Flight' tag on it). I know I have seen these somewhere before, but cannot for the life of me remember where. Can anyone help???!! I would like to replace it with the same kind; they are so convenient. John
  11. The discussion paper cited existing legislation. The relevant quote is below: 5.3.4 Currently, aeronautical experience gained in an RA-Aus registered aeroplane may count for up to 750 of the 1500 hours of aeronautical experience required to qualify for an Australian Air Transport (aeroplane) Pilot Licence. Additionally, an aeroplane that is used for the pilot’s aeroplane flight review for all levels of licence can be registered with RA-Aus – the only requirement being that the instructor conducting the review must be qualified to conduct a flight review and also to be in command of an RA-A
  12. According to a recent CASA discussion paper, it is OK to do a BFR in a AAus registered aircraft and satify CASA requirements for a BFR if... the person issuing the BFR is a CASA instructor approved to issue a BFR and holds a RAAus Pilot Certificate for the type of Aircraft. S/he does not have to be a RAAus instructor. Howzat??
  13. Mission accomplished without too many tears. John
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