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  2. I stumbled upon this news item in "The Chronicle", August 16, 1962 "6 Pilots Die MELBOURNE --- Six RAAF pilots were killed yesterday afternoon when four Vampire jet aircraft crashed in formation near the RAAF base, East Sale. They were practising formation aerobatics and it is believed were doing a barrel roll when the planes hit the ground and exploded. Two were being flown solo and two carried a passenger." Does anyone remember this accident? I'm not old enough!
  3. I flew in from Rylstone on Thursday morning (just before the deluge), having camped there overnight due to the strong westerlies on Wednesday and the one N/S strip at Cessnock. Yes, there is no way I'd want to be flying direct. As one local told me - there's good reason why it took 2 centuries to discover the Wollemi pine in that area! Tracking over the Northern end of the tiger country gives many opportunities to duck out down valleys running out to the North. After clearing the Dochra restricted area it's only a 10 nm run down to Cessnock. I reversed the route on Sunday to fly out via Mudgee. It's still a b...... long way from South Oz at 80-85 kts!
  4. As previously posted, I think your expectations for an EA81 are too high, both in weight reduction and power output. I personally prefer a bit more weight and a bit less power for the sake of reliability. This formula has worked well for the 12 years and 750+ hours I have been flying behind my EA81. (This is my conversion, not a commercial one).
  5. If this amount of weight reduction was possible, I would have done it long ago. Even without an alternator and using exhaust stubs and with an aluminium flywheel (not recommended IMHO) I can't see that 165lbs is possible.
  6. No problem getting mine I didn't go last year, but appreciate the efforts to make this year more about pilots and aircraft flying in, so will support it. If I can't get there from SA (weather dependent as usual) I'll be glad to donate the quite reasonable admission and camping fees to the cause.
  7. Thanks Ian I forgot how much better the old site was (is) until it returned! I'm only speaking from the users end - it may well be more difficult for you, so I thank you for your efforts.
  8. I have recently looked at 2 different seven stage, computer controlled, "smart chargers", one I bought new and the smart bit didn't work - it charged flat out no matter what. I returned it for a refund, grudgingly given. The second one was an up-market (expensive) brand 15 amp unit owned by a friend. Same story, no smarts, only full charge. So I still use an old (probably 20+ years) Caddymate charger from a golf cart. All it does is charge at 2.8 amps until the battery is full charge and then reverts to constant voltage float charge suitable for long term maintenance. It isn't "smart", but just works well without the fancy add-ons -i.e. no computer! Just tried and proven analogue control.
  9. We are in the Midnorth of South Australia, where windfarms are growing like weeds. (And we have the highest retail prices in the world). Plans have just been lodged for yet another one in the Southern Flinders Ranges, the nearest turbine being only 3.5 Km from the main street of Crystal Brook and 2 Km from the edge of town. The development application calls for 4.8 Megawatt turbines, 240 metres from ground to top of blade arc. They are approx. 3 times taller than the hills they will sit on. If this goes ahead we will not be out of sight of wind turbines for the first 100 Km of our drive to Adelaide. Sure, we need renewable energy but where will it all end? General Electric have already developed a 12 Megawatt turbine for offshore use, but about 5 years ago their 4.8 Mw turbine was the largest offshore unit - now used on land. I routinely overfly turbines, but want at least 500 feet clearance. Looks like I'll have to fly higher in future! Interestingly, the Snowtown windfarm often has low cloud downwind, reaching to ground level of the hills. Does the turbulence cause precipitation of moisture? The low cloud only extends to the end of the row of turbines.
  10. Thanks Blueadventures for your reply I don't have the room in my panel for a round or square radio as the Icoms are only about 35mm high. I also find that reading those tiny radios is difficult with my aging eyes - hence the appeal of the much larger readout of the Icom I'm used to using. If all else fails I'll just keep using old faithful until (or if) it dies.
  11. Thanks Mark There's still the question of whether the non-TSO version is actually approved for use in Australia. As you have said, the rules are rather muddy (if able to be found anywhere) and authorative interpretation of them is hidden in the mud!
  12. Picking up on this thread:- I'm considering replacing my faithful Icom A200 with a new radio with dual watch capability, seeing that Icom now list the A200 as no longer able to be serviced. I'm committed to the format of the Icom as my panel was originally designed around that profile without much room for change. The Icom A220 would obviously fit my needs, but there doesn't seem to be any reliable info as to whether it is Australian approved in a non-TSO'd version. These are available for less than half the cost of the TSO'd one, and I haven't been able to find out just what is the technical difference between them. The old A200 is non-TSO and has performed admirably for the last 12 years. Can anyone please enlighten me?
  13. Late to read the thread but I have never used additives after a mate's experience in the early 1970's. Old Landcruiser, 135 F engine (yes, that old!) was starting to use oil. After seeing a demo of STP using the pressure-on-the-roller trick he added it to the engine. Next day the engine stopped with a bang. I got to strip it down to investigate. Short answer - one or more cam followers had seized which in turn reduced the camshaft to 3 pieces. It appeared that the gooey STP had blocked the small oil feed holes from the gallery which fed the followers. Co-incidence? I don't believe so, particularly since this was a high mileage engine which was well run in. To this day I only use a recognized brand of oil of a grade as specified by the engine maker. Never had a problem. It's over-extending the change intervals that does the damage IMHO.
  14. One of the reasons I chose my number was to have single-syllable digits, so "4 5 6 4" is easier and faster to say than " 45 64" . Four syllables against six. Now I'm not sure whether "Forty-five sixty-four" isn't easier to pick up and understand on the other end of the communication. What are your thoughts?
  15. At risk of being accused of living in the past:- When I started flying in the early 1990's, we used to drive to the FLY-INS at Mangalore and then Narromine. After building my own wings in the early 2000's I flew to the FLY-INS at Narromine and then Temora. What corporate funding did these require? Any commercial enterprises wishing to advertise their wares paid for a site, local enterprises and charity groups profited from the catering, and we had hundreds of aircraft fly in and we all had a good time. Any "airshow" was impromptu and cost nothing. Each 2 years we went to the AIRSHOW at Avalon to see the big (read "expensive") displays both static and airborne. I flew in to 3 Avalons and thoroughly enjoyed them for what they were. The 2 events were distinct and separate and served different purposes. The above formula worked well , so how and why did we get to the current farcical situation? I did fly in to OzKosh 2016, and thought that perhaps we were heading back in the right direction. I had planned to be at Airventure Australia 2017 in the hope of it being bigger and better than last year, but in light of recent developments and lack of transparent organization I have cancelled these plans. Sorry folks, but I think we have collectively lost the plot.
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