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  1. Yes unless there is more than one Graeme instructing at Bendigo. He has tremendous amount experience and knowledge. Simon
  2. No not Bendigo Flying Club but with one of the other private RAA instructors at YBDG. In his own Tecnam. Had about 7 lesson including the TIF. Hot windy weather has slowed progress a bit. Hopefully back out next week. Simon
  3. G/day Simon, if you ever feel you would like to go up for a cruise, gimme a call. Cheers, Roger. I,m hangared in P3. 0428468509
    1. 3550Rebel


      Thank for the offer. I will give you a call in the near future. I am away for the next week. I look forward to talking to you. Thanks again,
  4. Had the TIF A great experience. A good preflight briefing then a good hour flying. Apart from take off and landing I was learning to fly the plane. It was quite full on, definitely no "joy" flight. One interesting issue I had was with the hand throttle. Many years ago I was plant operator and the machines I operated had hand throttles as well, but they worked in reverse. I had to think twice whenever I was asked to change the throttle setting. The flight was followed up with a good post-flight debrief. I flew in a Tecnam Echo Super. I will keep going for another couple hour
  5. I just booked in for a Recreational Pilot Certificate TIF this weekend and would like some advice on what question I should ask the instructor? Some questions that the novice might not think to ask? Thanks Simon
  6. Thanks for your friendly welcome everyone. I will investigate a TIF shortly. There's a couple being offered locally. I will let you know how it goes.
  7. Somewhere in Central Victoria (I am in Bendigo)? Still have not decided and won't be looking at starting anything until the end of the year.
  8. Finally got to a stage in my life where I may actually get a chance to learn to fly. I have joined this forum to help me get a clearer understanding of all that is involved in getting there. Also to enjoy the comradery that forums like this one offers. The forum has been quite enlightening so far. Thanks Simon
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