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  1. Thanks again to all, another full day yesterday without result. This is what I do know: I connected base station aerial from hangar into aircraft radio no change, I have sidetone on intercom on borrowed radio but no sidetone on transmit, I connect original radio and have sidetone on intercom and sidetone when I transmit however nothing is being transmitted. This is the faulty radio that does not receive or transmit and needs to go back for repair. Very little voltage drop on transmit when measured. I am reluctant to adjust the mic gain on the borrowed radio, I am using pretty new DC hea
  2. Thanks Paul, one thing I haven't done is checked the SWR, due to not having a meter. Should have access to one next week all being well and that will be one more thing to check off the list. One of the drawbacks of living where I do I don't have easy access to technical people close by, hence I greatly appreciate the input here. Cheers Danny
  3. Great info thanks. One other symptom is when I press the mic and not speak there is a hum coming into my headset, not the usual pre speak hollow sound??
  4. Thanks again for all the advice, keep it coming I will eventually sort this thing out. Had a good yarn with Jake, appreciate he took the time, however without him being able to examine the aircraft I imagine difficult to diagnose. I have connected a fully charged battery pack to external jump point to rule out the voltage issue, no change. I have not changed out the multi pin plug that fits into the radio as CS suggested at this point, I have again checked them and they do feel secure, I imagine the crimping tool for this multi pin plug must be minute to fit between each pin. It's back to t
  5. Cheers for that Phil. Bones thanks but I have tried the ferrites, still no change. I will get the answer one day I'm sure.
  6. Just on the good connection issue, I took the plug apart and all seemed ok, as each wire was heat shrinked I didn't remove this. Would it be fair to assume that as transmission takes more power and if a connection was only just, I would lose power to the set during transmission ?
  7. Thanks for the replies, have pulled the panel out and checked for good earth and power connections, the radio I believe has worked fine in the past, in and out of CTA. This problem just started when I realized that I had no green light on receive and no squelch, hence the reason I put another radio in from another aircraft. Thanks again for your replys now if someone could direct me on how to PM another member that would be awesome
  8. I have a microair radio installed(no I'm not a fan of them either), my transmission is so garbled it cannot be understood, reception is excellent. I have tried 3 different headsets, both pilot and co pilot sides, bypassed installed coax on antenna, checked all connections and earth terminals to no avail. I have side tone and seperate intercom works fine, no sidetone when I transmit though which used to be there. I have connected another like radio which was working fine in another aircraft but this too has not fixed my problem. To add to my frustration microair don't have any techs on site
  9. For what it's worth, firstly well done to this young man for taking the ultimate action that he did, in any event (for the knockers) a good thing he was in a jabiru, despite the nose wheel a very strong airframe indeed...
  10. The local strip is glen Innes and is licensed , soon to be the home of an international airline pilot training centre so I think my mate may come to a few hurdles being that his strip would effectively be within the circuit area.
  11. On a side note a mate of mine has a property that he was talking about putting a strip on however his proximity to the local aerodrome may prohibit that, I recall that you couldn't operate from a strip within 8nm, i would be happy to be corrected on that.
  12. Airstrip was for private use and I need to keep a record of use , my log book accounts for my use and a visitors book in the hangar satisfies invited guests. Its not a large property but there are three other private strips within a ten km radius so precedent had been set. I know there is talk that approval to operate on your own land is not required but my philosophy is keep everyone on side you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  13. I put in a DA with my local council for an "airstrip" and a "hangar", both were approved for that purpose. I did not want to have to fight them down the track if I ruffled their feathers, much easier to get the approval then you are in a stronger position legally and to combat any future complaints. Been in operation now a couple of years and no dramas.
  14. When I learnt to fly many years ago I can recall an instructor saying if you hold your arm at full length your thumb will represent 500 ft below cloud when flying straight and level. This was only a rough guide but as good as any guess.
  15. Welcome Roger. From the Glen Innes area
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