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  1. It's too late for that Turbs. That claim has already been published here (ref: post 284).
  2. It could also depend on what they found out and decided for themselves as competent adults. I think we need to give ALL those who voted credit for some level of intelligence and perhaps accept that they made their OWN decision as to how they would vote. I didn't see many members being bussed to the meeting and I certainly wasn't canvassed, other than through the candidates statements in the magazine. Was I one of the few who escaped the attention of the headhunters?
  3. Just to clarify Turbs - there weren' t 9000 votes cast. The majority of members of the RAA didn't vote either for or against anything. The majority of members weren't bothered to vote at all.
  4. Bill, are you saying that the Board was headhunted (presumably by CASA)? If that is your proposition, I wonder if Frank Marriott would agree with the suggestion that he was headhunted. I doubt that he would, I think Frank is has too much integrity to have allowed that to happen. The logical implication of your suggestion is that the election result was manipulated by the headhunters. Really? I have to disagree with you there Bill. We (meaning members of the RAA) DO have an effective voice and input into our future. It's called an election. All the members have to do is get off
  5. Bruce, You can cut the strip to pretty much any length you want. On ours the strip was cut just slightly shorter than the depth of the tank.
  6. Bruce, we are trialing a strip of LED lights similar to: Cool White 5050 Led Strip Lights 300 LEDs Waterproof Flexible DC 12V + DIMMER | eBay The lights have an adhesive strip on their back, we glued them into a length of very light gauge polished stainless which is then fixed to the back surface of the tank with some super strong double sided scotch tape. A Press button on the central spine between the seats lights the strip and shows the tank level very well. Haven't tried it in flight yet but dummy runs in even bright sun seem to suggest that it will be a go-er. If I recall c
  7. I doesn't matter if it was 0.25% who voted, they were the ones who CHOSE TO VOTE. Do we now choose to believe that we know the wishes of the non voters? I'm all for reasoned and rational dissent but I struggle to append those labels to some (and I stress some) of the posts published here. I wonder if those who have concerns about what they see as the adverse direction the current Board is taking the RAA have taken the time voice those concerns to their ELECTED representatives or do they chose simply to use this social media channel to voice their concerns. (edited..mod) It is a common
  8. Another way to view it is that we have what the majority of those who got off their behinds and cast their vote, voted for. Until voting in RAA elections becomes compulsory that's how the views of the RAA electorate will be reflected. Whether the results of that election reflect the view of the majority of members won't ever be settled to every ones satisfaction, however, it is the view of the majority of those that voted. That's a simple form of democracy. If you don't like the result, either stand for election or rally enough support to put forward candidates that reflect your views.
  9. No apology needed Bull. It was an honest mistake but I have to say that I am laughing my head off that you thought I might be a moderator. I think Ian would rather sell his soul to the devil before he'd let me be a Mod.
  10. Sorry Bull, but I still don't understand what you mean by that.
  11. Bull, I'm sorry, but I don't understand your post. Are you saying I had your comments deleted? I think you're on the wrong track there
  12. And for clarification: I was referring to the Australian community in general, not the Rec Flying forum community in particular. I wouldn't want to be accused of criticising Site Admin or the Mod(s). (then specify, cheap shots not appreciated....robust discussion encouraged but play the topic sensibly not the man....mod)
  13. Turbs! A bit hyperbolic there my old sparring mate! I know that we are becoming an increasingly litigious society but surely the Australian way allows someone to disagree with another's viewpoint or opinion (sometimes with a degree or robustness and vigour that might be frowned on in other societies) without being accused of "attacking" someone? Have I misjudged this community, or is free speech not what it one was? (free speech is to be encouraged, but play the topic not the man and leave snide remarks and innuendo out of it....mod) (hopefully not the "bush lawyers" in the ambiguous p
  14. [deleted...keep off the personal attacks...mod
  15. Classic Keith! If what you say is true, would you not be wiser to keep your powder dry? It could be seen by some that all you ARE willing to share here is innuendo. By doing that you risk damaging your credibility, at least in this forum.
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