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  1. Here's a story. My Iron Man suit was done on a whim, to begin with. That led to charity work. That led to folks helping me and donating to see the suit finished. That led to me making gifts in my workshop to thank people. That led to making knives, then metal sculptures. When my job in the parks came under threat, I was offered a job making knives, teaching knife-making, black-smithing and metal sculpture full time, which I still now do. You never know where these things will lead, but if making an Iron man suit leads to full-time employment, then who knows where the Viper may lead. I al
  2. 3 Foot Colonial Viper Mk II THE TIME HAS COME. The full scale Viper is in storage and on pause while I renovate part of my house and build a bigger shed/workshop. I've been putting this off for a long time because of some fears. 1. I might lose much motivation because it will be very difficult to work on in the dismantled state. 2. It may get rodent or water damaged in storage. 3. The rest of my intrusive life may get in the way of completing it. I'm a pretty determined kind of a bloke, so I will fight all the way, but these are the things on my mind to watch out for. I can't
  3. Mods/Admin, is there a more appropriate place on the forum to move this thread to? Baz.
  4. Cheers guys. Like the steel Iron Man suit I created below, I use it for kids charities, Starlight, Camp Quality, Ronald McDonald house, etc... The Viper will likely go to Comicons, Supanovas etc, but unlike Iron Man, this one is not specifically for charities, more just a project for fun because I make stuff. If any kids charities want to use it for fundraising, (I've already been asked), then of course, I'm up for that. The ship is modular so it all comes apart section by section for storage and transport, but I'm toying with the idea of a custom low-ride trailer to store it on/in on a
  5. Yeah, the production crew just packed in anything and everything that looked a bit tech to the untrained eye. Look at how the instruments are mounted for example. The average non aviator wouldn't notice. I got the top engine and top wing back on today, now with the engine mechanical installed. Final detailing can be done while it's up there.
  6. Last post here was back in 2017. Now, June 2019, here's where I'm at with the Viper.
  7. Thanks mate. I have identified all but the smaller diameter instruments now. I have acquired most of the 80mm instruments and the rectangular units. Cheers, Baz.
  8. G'day aviators! These are the last of the instruments I need help to positively identify and source some unserviceable ones. If you can help recognise them, please take a look at each photo and description. Battlestar Galactica life size MKII Colonial Viper build www.buildsbybaz.com Baz. 1. Need to find the type and brand to source this one. 2. Oil pressure gauge? Does that say PSI below centre? 3. Need to identify this and find out where it comes from. I need two. 4. Some sort of temperature gauge. This is as clear a photo as I can find of it. 5. Two sc
  9. The bottom rectangular unit has been identified as a NAT AMS42. Apparently I have no chance of finding this unit, only something similar. Only 10 units were ever built between 1983 and 1985. I have a friend etching a faceplate for me to look the part, then I will instal toggles and dials. The centre unit appears to be a voltmeter. I am googling images to find the exact one.
  10. Thank you. Could you be a little more specific on the Channelised radio? Image searching that is not turning up anything similar. I've identified the larer rectangular unit as a Nat Ams-43 Tso Audio Control Panel
  11. Can anyone ID the rectangular instrument on the bottom right with the two toggles please? I've googled transponders, but not finding any match. Also the centre one could be a Narco unit? Not sure. The very bottom corner could be a clock, but the picture, (the only one I have) is too blurry to make that assumption. For my full size Viper build. (Still trying to ID all instruments used in the TV series prop.)
  12. Now looking for these illuminated push buttons. Are they aviation industry items or from somewhere else? They look to be 15 to 20mm square.
  13. Thanks mate. My thoughts exactly with ball rolling and patience. Have to get the word out somewhere. This seemed like a good place to start. Baz.
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