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  1. Hi Guys, Just read this - glad you are both OK. I fly a Sonerai and there is a story on the Sonerai Owners site of a canopy opening in flight - same unstable inablity to fly - with the canopy open to one side - the only way that one landed was to grab the canopy and try to close it - similar story to Rudy - I'd suggest that neither aircraft will fly without a canopy at all! That's the conclusion the other Sonerai owner came to - but I've never seen any research data to back that opinion up. Hope the repairs go OK and you both get up - certainly emphasises the need to check that the
  2. Hi Craig, will ring you after the 14th! Mike.
  3. Hi Craig, Sorry - I have only just found this reply although I have been on the site a few times since Feb. Are you still in Young? I am in Orange - a short flight away or drive - I could fly there & give you a look at the plane or you are most welcome to come visit - that is if you are still in Young! I think you probably replied when I was having trouble with my computer so the thread reply has gone missing!! Mike S
  4. Hi Craig, Just found these posts - I have recently purchased a Sonerai 2L with a jab 2200 motor in it. Sue's comments are valid - I called mine an evil plane - but am mastering it and really starting to like it! They are slippery and sensitive - I came from a Jab 160 & 230 - thought they were sensitive but they have nothing on the Sonerai! Hows the build going? Are you finished yet? I ride bikes to - Ducati 916 & a Suzuki GSX 1100 and an Italjet scooter! Could come & visit sometime! Mike S.
  5. Hi Lyle, I've just bought a Sonerai 2L - live in Central West NSW - I know its been some time but have you got your engine in yours yet? I've got Jabbi 2200 in mine - flies well and I'm looking for places to visit! Mike S.
  6. Hi Paul, Sorry I have not been in touch earlier - the CA 25 sale I was looking at fell through - the owner rang me the day before I was going to do a final inspection and make him an offer and said he'd decided to repair it himself! Thanks for the help offerred. I've given up on a Skyfox and bought a Sonerai from a guy in Western Australia and it is now back home in Orange. I'm thinking of buying a Kitfox kit from America and building one from scratch as they are virtually the same aircraft as the Skyfox and have a good rugged reputation! Thanks for the advice and time spent & sorry t
  7. Hi Carl, been a while since we corresponded - I chased that CA25 up and was booked to go and have a final inspection when the day before the owner rang and said that he was going to keep the plane and repair it himself. Gave up at that time and have since bought a Sonerai Stretch from a bloke in W.A . Its now at home in Orange. Thanks for the information and support & sorry for taking so long to get back to you and let you know what was happening. I think I'll look at getting a Kitfox kit from America and build one from scratch! Thanks again. Mike.
  8. Hi Paul, I think I must be on an other planet! The number I looked at was the serial number!!! Yes, I think its probably the same one - I'll be in touch! Mike.
  9. Hi Carl,The 'TG' tag is mine - I know the taildraggers were just plain CA25! I've got too used to a number of people not realising this so I've added the TG. There's no tears near the tank - the only one is in the underside near the spar attachment point where I think the spar bent & went through the fabric. - apart from the spars & the broken hangers the tear is the only other sign of damage on the wing. I will check the wing attachment points. There is one other issue for me and that is that one of the frame tubes - the one from the upper corner of the left windscreen/ fro
  10. Hi 'Foxworker' - I've just started looking at a CA25 TG that has been 'flipped' - tripped while on the brakes. There is not a great deal of damage - left wing has had all the aileron hangers snapped [ ailerons appear undamaged ] off and wing struts ruptured- at this point I can't determine if there is more damage to the wing or fuse although - I've got my suspicions. There's little damage to the tail so I think the flip was gentle. - from other threads here it seems the impact damage is genuine - I couldn't see how the hangers would break from such an impact but obviously they can be it wo
  11. Hi Andrew, Haven't heard from you re the Skyfox T.G. at Bindoon, did you get back & I missed it? Mike S.
  12. Hi Mike, The boys at Coldstream in Victoria have the Aircraft & engine manual on a CD. They will send it to you if you contact them - look at the thread under this forum for repairs to Skyfox or similar - if you can't find it get back via this sight and I'll look it up for you! Mike S.
  13. Hi Mike, yep, you need to have it all sorted - I've been doing lessons in a Eurofox TG. Remember to keep at least a full wingspan away from other aircraft & buildings - friend of mine ground looped his Lightwing while taxing and hit another aircrafts wing on the way around! I'd been warned about it! Good luck with it and check the AD's for it - pretty certain Rick had them all done - I think it needed the mod for the landing spar but from memory he had the part - just needed to be installed - and since it was in Western Queensland corrossion shouldn't be a major issue - also, he
  14. Hi Rick & Mike, Glad to see 606 back in the air Rick - I'm pleased that you were able to sell it and its airbourne again - sorry that I couldn't follow through with the purchase we talked about for so long! Always felt bad about that! Congratulations Mick - from what I learn't from Rick it should be a sweet aircraft! Mike S
  15. Hi Pilot Cadet, Yep, send me some details and I'll consider! Thanks, Mike.
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