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  1. The one in WA is a Ca22 - unfortunately not what I'm after - thanks for pointing it out though - han't thought of the classifieds - how dum is that!
  2. Thanks Pud, I'll check it out! Mike.
  3. I'm looking to purchase a CA 25 Skyfox - anybody out there got one they are interetsed in selling? Condition is not too important as I'm happy to repair - but I don't particularly want a crashed one.
  4. Hi Ric, Seen the weather reports & understand the problem - just let me know the height when you can get to the shed!
  5. Hi Graeme - Yes, I'd noticed that - was hopeful!!!!
  6. Sorry - my question is to Carl not Gordon as I see he has a Gazelle.
  7. Hi Gordon, I've had no replies to my question re trailer for a Skyfox. You obviously haven't either however, I have now got onto one that may be suitable. I was wondering if you have a taildragger Skyfox if you could tell me how high it is at its highest point? Either the Tail, top of the wing or top of the prop? Whichever is the highest - not certain if the trailer I have got onto is high enough? Thnaks, Mike S.
  8. Hi Gordon, CAn you send me details re the owner of the Gazelle that didn't sell the trailer? [email protected] Thanks Mike S
  9. Sykfox for Sale Rick P. I'm interested in your plane and the price range seems about what I was looking at paying. WANT TO TALK? You can email me at : [email protected] I need one thats factory built - can you email me a copy of the Log book? Couple of photos would ne OK. I am in the Central West of NSW and am happy to travel - I'll come with the $'s and make my mind up on the spot. No tyre kicking. Mike.
  10. I'd like to know that too Arwtee -
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