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  1. Hi Blokes. Afta cuming back from an unpaid 9 monthe holiday thanks to our gubbament I weant to start my jabaru and it was sqeeking wen I turned it ova, i got a mate to hav a look and he sed to tak out the spark plugs and put sum oil in the plug hole this fixed the sqeek. Wen it started it blew a shite load a smok. Tok it for a fly and landed and funkn oil every wear, brether hose cum off. My mate sed the moter was bugered an need new rings so he rebilt the mota for me. He sed next time I leave it for long time to run it on sum 2 strok fuel before shuting down. I put a hose on the vacum pipe
  2. Just looked at a J170 flight manual and it says leave pump on for flights 1000’ AGL or lower and landing with no engine power, master off, fuel off, Simple enuff for u Nev ?
  3. It seems like no clear out come whether to leave pump on or off other than what the flight manual says, so let’s say nothing mentioned regarding pump on or off as with many home built experimentals and also the Tecnam p92 Australian Flight Manual which I read cover to cover. So how is this for an idea if unsure what is required. 1: Pump on prime engine, check pressure, pump off, 2: start engine and do run ups, check pressure and if no gauge and engine continues running, engine pump considered serviceable for flight, 3: before take off pump on check pressure and have 2 pumps on for durat
  4. Fellow aviators, a question, Why do we turn off the fuel boost pump after take off ? My regular instructor, good bloke, makes me turn the pump off once airborne, I asked him the other day why, his answer was it’s normal procedure and as per flight manual, still no explanation. Recently I did some mustering flying with a bloke in FNQ in a Jabby 160 and after take off noticed he left the pump on, I pointed to the pump and said u left it on, his answer was why turn it off, you aren’t one of those DH’s that turns it off to save the fuel pump and my answer was yes I do, so he turns off a mag
  5. SSCBB, these are fair questions that I feel need to be asked. Maybe someone might have to ask Mr Jabiru himself and whilst they are at it confirm if this original thread is a 1 st April hoax or not. Are there any CASA standards or testing regimes these engines go through before they are used for aviation use, especially commercial use, flying schools ?
  6. Gidday thruster, I think we are not the only ones that have noticed this. my Jabby is on its third engine in less than a 1000 hours and the previous owner put in no incident reports so as to not rock the boat. The first engine I believe dropped a valve and a replacement overhaul engine was offered at a very good price, the replacement engine was short lived and had sum serious unknown, un documented problem so an another engine was offered at a much reduced price so why would you dob in a mate that is trying to help and I think this is how jabiru managed to cover up and fudge figures.
  7. Jaba, have a look at all the secondhand Jabirus for sale, most of the engine hours never match the airframe hours, and never seem to get more than 400 hours before a rebuild, look at all the Rotax powered tecnam’s, gazelles, ther engine hours usually match the airframe hours.
  8. Jaba, this was probably a ova a year ago and I could not buy an engine, I couldn’t even buy parts for my blown up jab engine, I needed new heads and Jab couldn’t supply these so was told I’d have to wait for a new head supplier or go on a waiting list for a new engine that was to be called gen4. this flying school engine was a engine you could not yet buy so us students were testing them for Jabiru, weather it was approved, certified or wat Eva by jabiru, it was a new proto type engine, being tested by students !!!! shame on Mr Jabiru
  9. Jabba - hut, it’s a known flyin school and as I have a Jabiru I could see the diference in engines and I was told it was a Jen 4 proto type. I guess the Jab enginering department approved it. So it’s not BOLLOCKS ova to you
  10. Well blow me away, a certified Jabiru engine? and “vulturous lawyers” Wat a combination. I did sum flying training up at a northern Victoria flying school about a year ago with a well respected CFI , nice chap, and the flying school Jabiru that I was flyin, I discovered was powered by the new generation engine. The engine was having a minor problem and that’s when I discovered that the engine was different to my Jabby engine. I made the comment that students, one who was me, are CRASH TEST DUMMYS. As I was paying muney to fly this aeroplane, where would I stand if I crashed this flying
  11. Don’t u rabbits realise this is a Jabiru April fools joke that was a day late. Did anyone really think that modified school boy 3D printed pencil box with wood screws could perform such a magical job. Got u all talking though. Happy APRIL FOOLS day
  12. That is correct regarding ATSB, that’s why you will not find all wheels up landings
  13. Turbs, Open your sleepy eyes, isn’t the evidence in the news story ? or is that all ficticious
  14. I think what is being missed here is we have a commercial pilot that has a record of wheels up landings, maybe there is a problem, maybe the pilot is human. What would Alan Joyce say to his pilots if they had mobile phones hooked up to his aeroplanes ?
  15. Not wanting to throw more mud at this pilot but I think the second wheels up landing that is being spoken about here is this pilots first one which according to my colleagues in the workshop happened over in south Australia years ago, same type of aeroplane, C337, doing fish spotting, wheels up landing. I know if I made two serious mistakes at work like this, my boss would sack me. On the spot !! Maybe this commercial pilots license should be reviewed, what is going to be his next mistake ? select an empty fuel tank on take off with the phone ringing leaving say Essendon airport.
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