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  1. Council probably never even looked....
  2. Been happening for a while.... https://youtu.be/AaA7kPfC5Hk
  3. https://www.360uw.com.au/aviation/ I've not heard of them. Let us know how you go. It's about time I checked out the market, with PL and hangar insurance coming in a few months.
  4. Edited... Ah...wrong comment if no nut used.....(was going to say nyloc nut) I'd guess with loctite/spring washer if in a blind hole...... Of course use mfg specs...
  5. Front cylinders always run rich after a good idle... As in anything below flying rpm. If you have 4 egt sensors this shows up as much cooler front cyls. If you are not using oil, comps, leak down good... Go fly... You can pull both plugs and shine a torch in bottom hole. Look in top hole to see piston top.... If there's any difference to other cylinders.
  6. This threads on fire.... Burn baby.... Burn... 😎
  7. TIME. Numbers on the face of a clock are rather arbitary and meaninless. We could all go by UTC if we wanted to. What is important is when the sun rises, when the sun sets and using time(as in the actual number) to coordinate dayly activities. We could all be the same time in Australia or even the world. It's just that people would be rising, working and sleeping at different numbers....
  8. The late night pessimist in me thinks the doctor couldn't make as much money that way......
  9. My first reaction to any ignition problems is..... change the plugs first. It's cheap, it's easy, and you never REALLY know until they are changed...... And if there is no change, then you simply have a spare set of plugs for the next service. Nothing is wasted....
  10. It's not difficult to get them slightly out of alignment when fitting, and pinch them. This happened to me and it leaked slightly after checking the fuel bowls during a service. I purchased new cork gaskets, removed carbs from engine and sat them upside down on a bench. I put a VERY small amout of silicone (or something) in each corner and fitted gasket and bowl. Left overnight and refitted to engine. That was several years ago and I've never had a problem since.....gasket sits nicely in place when removing bowls.
  11. I'm reminded of the media clips of public passengers whinging about delayed flights due to weather. Such as when volcano's delay returning flights in Bali. The ignorance and arrogance! Would they really be happier.....dead? "First world problems"..... as they say.
  12. ALL... factory built. Amateur/kit built above 600 can be owner maintained. Source.... RAA president to me, at a pnp a few months ago.....in public. I also believed it was every aircraft over 600kg up until his statement.
  13. How do I stop the emails? Currently, I have to go to "content I follow" and change the preference the first time time I post on a new thread.
  14. I'm wondering if it's a bit of "grandstanding" before the election. Trying to make it look like those in power now are making things happen. It really doesn't present anything much new or concrete. I've heard all this "definately happening" 10 yrs ago....
  15. Yeah...sounds like it has gone "rogue". Out of the ordinary I would say. Perhaps there is no "authority" of any kind to keep a handle on things. A school or training facility usually pulls wayward flyers in line as a bad example to their students or perhaps pilots don't want to be seen breaking the rules so behave.
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