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  1. They do. It's called the android version...... Come on over to the "dark side" Bruce...😈
  2. Putting 95/98 bowsers at airports would improve emissions greatly. Many aircraft can use ulp but it's not convenient. I was investigating putting a ulp bowser in at my local airport. I ended up getting a "stern" email from Air BP which has the resident avgas bowser. Most of the email was deceiving, if not outright wrong. Basically they were protecting their turf. It dawned on me that there are significant and entrenched "powers" very keen on maintaining the lucrative status quo.
  3. Nah, it's easy and doesn't take much heat. Grip the tube. Put some "weight" on it and warm the tube. Heat will run down the tube and free it up.... Make sure it is spotlessly clean on re-assembly. ...
  4. Either "smoke and mirrors" pretending we don't know where it went..... Or.....The JORN radar is useless and can't see jack sh!t.....
  5. Close..... https://www.mohawkaero.com/
  6. From a student and training facility providers perspective, the Foxbat will be easier if time and money are critical. A Jabiru will probably make a better pilot but at the expense of time and hours flown. A Foxbats nosewheel can be "held off" at not much more than walking pace, taking off and landing. Foxbat "yokes" maybe seen as more GA ..... Wheelbarrow landings are never kind to ANY aircraft.....
  7. Ah, I see "other"...... can't help sorry... https://ozrunways.tenderapp.com/kb/frequently-asked-questions/storage-requirements-ozrunways-ios Second, retaining old maps and charts will greatly increase storage requirements. Once you have completed a map update (that is after the changeover date), head to OzRunways>Settings>Cache Management>Clear Old Files>Delete Files. You can also the use the 'Clear Tile Cache' button under the Cache Management menu to delete any tiles held in memory.
  8. Look at what maps you have downloaded and what maps you actually need. Delete those you don't need. On apple devices I think you have to manually delete redundant maps after updates. Is that correct?
  9. Only taken 30 years...
  10. Yes, you really need a pitch gauge and verniers (digital will give imperial or metric readout) First 100% confirm pitch and dimensions of the bolt/screw and go from there.... Often the actual OD of a thread is slightly smaller than the nominal size....
  11. To me the "brand" of anything doesn't mean much these days. Few actually manufacture themselves. The best you can ask for is a robust quality control system. The chinese have taken great pleasure in buying brands and replacing top quality products with cheap and nasty replacements (obviously maintaining the quality product pricing). Or they lower the price to put pressure on competitors.....with the intention of driving them out of business. After a few of years the public work it out......sometimes.... Just because these part have a "number" it doesn't mean jack ..... If airliner parts can be faked, a few nut plates are nothing.... https://www.nytimes.com/1995/05/25/us/counterfeit-airliner-parts-are-said-to-be-often-used.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unapproved_aircraft_part Boeing has stated that mechanical parts, electronic parts and materials have been counterfeited. Physical parts include bolts, nuts, and rivets. Electronic parts include resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits. Materials include composite chemicals, steel, and titanium.[8] In 1996 unapproved parts were found to originate from sources such as counterfeiters, thieves, "strip and dip" operations which hide defects with metal plating, and from production overruns.[7]
  12. Your account still exists with ozrunways. You will need to download the app again and log in. You WILL need to download all maps again I think...... You have probably lost all "user" saved waypoints.
  13. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Not the first time a "part picker" in some warehouse has miss matched similar parts.....
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