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  1. You need a "letter of approval, (LOA)" from mfg or change rego to E-LSA. (No hire/reward for e-lsa)
  2. As pmc stated, it was a very heavily modified design. Almost all areas were modified to some degree so basically it was " experimental" in the true sense of the word. I wouldn't take any damage to this aircraft and imply it is the same with Wilga's in general or a factory design fault. I belive he may have extended and modified the wing tips? This is going to put unknown forces on the wing root, especially in an impact. What happened to this aircraft would probably ONLY happen to this aircraft. ......
  3. A real tcas system can pick up mode C and mode S (adsb) aircraft but not non transponder equipped. Ozrunways uses a receiver to pick up close adsb out aircraft. Avplan has mobile data supplied adsb out aircraft AND can use a reciever to supplement that info and provide input in nonmobile coverage areas. Is that pretty much how it is?
  4. Just run ozrunways on a phone.....with a "long life" pre paid sim for emergencys. Hot spot it from the nexus to use wifi.
  5. I was given a tip once, with toggle switches. Use 240 volt rated switches in 12 volt applications. They will last longer and are not much more expensive.
  6. If the business venture with the Indians fail, the council will be looking to save face. And if the local pilots are smart they will come to the rescue. At that point the money has already been spent, so just utilising it (even for a token fee) will take the pressure off council. Perhaps people should look at this as a potential opportunity. The council could just as easily blow the money on a million totally non-beneficial things..... and no-one would have anything to show for it at all.
  7. Is it too late to be flying in the Kimberleys this time of year? Looking at heading up to Kununurra next week, so late September. I know it's hot but mainly worried about turbulence. I will probably do some local early morning flights and drive around but getting there will be two full days flying. I don't mind flying high (9500) but I've still been smashed by thermal at that height before.
  8. Yes, at least council are smart enough to retain ownership and put money into a tangible asset. What if they just gave the comany half a mil interest free loan? And then they did a runner..? There's a hundred threads on here deriding councils for not investing in airports. This council may not be doing it perfectly to everyones wishes, but hey, it's something for aviation.
  9. Need more "map marker" posts in "what's new". Definately not enough of them. Thrilling content.....🤤
  10. For some wierd reason, I keep thinking the Bat is suspended from the roof in your pic.....just the angle....
  11. Why aren't these popular? Too much time, effort and money (up front and ongoing) for what you get. Mainly, limited performance, weights and durability...... Ownership costs, hangarage, maintenance. Pay double or tripple for a plastic fantastic and get 10 times more capability at very similar ownership costs and with a 4 stroke better fuel efficiency and reliability. You still need to maintain a pilots cert and bfr for both.....
  12. With only 1750 coppies being sold, I think you need to review "everyone". If everyone wanted the paper mag there would be 10 000 sales and we wouldn't be in this mess.
  13. As far as I'm concerned m&m have reaped what they have sown. They removed the magazine from being included in the membership fee WITHOUT dropping one single cent from the fee. Then wanted people to pay outright for the magazine. Effectively double dipping......on the sly... I swore I would not pay for the magazine, and that still stands.
  14. Yes, but the option to reply "Stop the magazine" is not there, so it assumes ALL answers will be one of the two optioned. All questions could have the optional answer "None of the above"to give some fairness........
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