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  1. I think they work out that you need to be earning a certain amount of income to start paying the loan back.
  2. Motorcycle shops often have Plexus for helmet visors.
  3. 7 years with Plexus and no problems every time before I fly. One cloth to initally wipe and another to finish. Don't use dirty cloth. The dirt will scratch. Ocassionally use Plastx which is a cream type cleaner if a thorough clean is required, especially with water marks. Used probably once a year.... NOTE. NEVER CLEAN IN CIRCLES. UP/DOWN AND SIDE TO SIDE ONLY.
  4. Plenty come with just the 2 airfilters on the carbs. This means they are using hot internal air and won't make as much power as a cold air fed engine. Whether it is a realistically quantifiable difference is debatable. Often just having the filters means you don't need a de ice carb heat system.
  5. Sitting on a spare lot amongst hangars at Bunbury. Looks serviceable. Will try and chase up some info... Anyone with Ozrunways can see it on "camera view". (Might need landscape view) http://vh-jttvsaustralia.blogspot.com/
  6. VH JTT TB20 has sat lonely and unloved out in the weather for some time..... https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/VH-JTT
  7. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/categories/aircraft_parts/ap/menus/ap/hose_fuel.html ..pulse line Found this in Aus...
  8. For what it's worth, Qantas now do the bidding thing for upgrades. However the price of premium economy might not be too far off business class with another airline anyway.
  9. Off on another tangent, but still relating to 912 carbs. I noticed my (metering) needle has movement of about 1mm in and out of it's housing. It has the o ring above the "E" clip. I would have thought the o ring should be snug against the clip and limit movement. The securing screw is tight and all looks fine and undamaged. Anyone else find or notice this?
  10. If the govt is paying up front before people are passing and being qualified, it's pretty obvious the system is wide open to rorting. Wouldn't a reimbursement system more effectual?
  11. Perhaps this is a solution http://www.beliteaircraftstore.com/fuel-probe-system/ They also sell the gauges....... not particularly cheap though. ...
  12. I would have to agree. There's got to be a limit to actually how much ONE person needs, to live a lavish and opulent life. I think it just becomes a p!ssing contest between rival CEO's in the end. There's a story around about how a group of business leaders in the US started competing against each other in the number of business jets each owned.....not to use, but just to have one more than the other...
  13. 1 to 6...... sounds like the "new" RAA....😎
  14. Rotax idle setting is about 1800 rpm.... Significantly lower can damage gearbox gears......
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