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  1. Downunder

    Please Vote

    The term "pilots" narrows the focus too much. Those browsing the net may skip it as the focus seems to be pilots only. ..
  2. Downunder

    DUAL ADSB-in Receiver.

    For sale, as new (unused) DUAL XPGPS170D ADSB Receiver. See nearby aircraft transmitting ADSB-out on your tablet or phone (Flydoc, RPT and commercial), increasing your situational awareness and safety. Selling for a friend as he purchased this wanting to connect to his Ozrunways. However this is a bluetooth connection suitable for AVPLAN, and not wifi for Ozrunways. (You can also use the stand alone app to display traffic with no EFB app/interface required.) Specs here https://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-product/xgps170d (NOTE, some features not available in Aus, such as weather) New cost $600 USD, ($850 AUD plus postage) Asking $700 AUD including postage anywhere in Aus...
  3. Downunder

    Power Plants

    All we need now is a govt with the balls to plan and put in pipelines from the tropical north to the southern States and pump fresh water down and get rid of these expensive and short life desalination plants. Irrigating farms on the way down is a bonus. Where you have gas, you have power. Where you have power, you can run pumps. Buried poly pipe(s) would last hundreds of years. ....
  4. Downunder

    Rotax 912

    There is no injected 914? The 915 is a turboed and modified 100hp injected (ULS) engine. .140hp.
  5. Downunder

    Rotax 912

    To be honest skippy, I've not heard of a uls using such low fuel usage as yours. My mate with an IFA prop Flight Design CT, which is pretty slippery, doesn't get that low. When I'm in fast cruise, I get about 17/18 as per rgmwa (5200-5300) and 15lph at 5000 as per Kyle. These are pretty much standard figures from everyone I know. I don't mean to be rude but you're sure it's a uls and not ul 80 hp? I can't get my head around those figures....
  6. Downunder

    General cleaning of flying wires

    WD 40?
  7. Downunder

    Rotax 912

    My high drag STOL aircraft uses pretty much the same as the Sav.......
  8. Get a scanner and listen in. Listen to others while you are relaxed and on the ground.
  9. Downunder

    "Phantom" radio reception

    Try loading your aircraft electrical system differently and see if it changes. eg, lights and strobes, elect fuel pump off.....or "on"... I always had intermittent static with my engine at high revs and in hot weather. Never any other time. I changed from passive to anr headsets and it's gone......
  10. Downunder

    Small Flying Schools

    It's NOT going to be cheaper if students have to travel twice as far to get to a training facility. Perhaps needing to stay overnight. Or worse, they simply "give up" training altogether due to the distance....
  11. Downunder

    Small Flying Schools

    One of my worries with the future of RAA and ultralight aviation is the age of current instructors and the lack of new instructors coming through the ranks. If there is a lack of incentive, then the RAA management is not helping.
  12. Downunder


    It's all VARIABLE. No two aircraft, even if identical, will have the same costs... The best you can do is a spreadsheet with a list of POTENTIAL costs Vs hours flown. Fill it out for individual circumstances and there is your cost...
  13. Downunder

    CASA Briefing Newsletter - October 2018

    If it was previously 1 out of 10 and now 2 out of 10, casa would be shouting about the 100% improved satisfaction...lol
  14. I wonder if the Japanese have not gone the "multi skilling" route and and have individuals well trained and excelling in their jobs, taking pride in their work. Australia has alot of individuals half skilled in multiple roles. As they say " A jack of all trades but master of none".
  15. I think it is more how a battery is treated rather than the batttery itself most times. Charging system, over/under charge (not compatible with batt?). Charging system failure. Excessive discharge voltage. Excessive rate of discharge. Size (amps/CCA) How hard is it going to work?. Temps (near engine exhaust?). Loading (cable size, lugs/voltage drop?).