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  1. Hi Guys! I got my RPC at the end of April. Only managed a few hours since then despite my best efforts. The weather in Melbourne is often pretty rubbish at the weekend. Anyway, my next adventure will be my X-Country endorsement, just wondering what books I should be studying in place of doing actual flying in the winter months to prepare and ahead of the curve. Thanks a lot!
  2. And I'm one of those students :) 28 this year and finally flying, after being told by doctors for years it would not be possible. I was told I wouldn't even be able to drive a car when I was a kid (early eye issues) and I stupidly believed them without question. Now I have learned my eyesight is more than sufficient for a Class 2 Medical and maybe even a Class 1. Currently re-assessing my career options and may dump the current path and go for CPL. YLIL is the perfect place to learn in my books. Can't wait to try out the new J160 :)
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