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  1. Thanks, will try them, seems there is an agent in Johannesburg.
  2. Many thanks for this. This the exact filter that I have been looking for, Regards
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Maybe the key is to change regularly. Every 25 hours makes sense.
  4. Good day all, I recently had an incident which resulted in an engine out on a Rotax 912. The cause was a possible blockage on one of the in-line filters feeding the left-hand carb. Can anyone give me good advice on good quality gauze type filters to use? Seems the local AMO used the normal automotive type plastic filter (paper elements) which might have proved to be faulty. I fly an average of 80 hours per month and need the most reliable filter system available. Fuel is filtered through a Racor system when re-fueling. Look forward to hearing from you folks.
  5. Hi everyone, good to be on here. I have a fleet of Savannah aircraft that we use in conservation and counter-poaching operations. Looking forward to engaging with you all.
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