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Master Fuse

Paul Willett

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  • 6 months later...

I think my thread link might have got deleted.


Turns out it was not the battery at all, although the Odysey is just an amazing battery, very pleased I spent the $$$ to upgrade to this amount of power.


The real cuplrit was a small amount of Inox spray that had leached in to the starter motor housing following an engine clean.


This was causing a short and blowing the master fuse, as it is supposed to as a precaution. Following a strip down and clean of the starter motor housing it has started first time ever since.


Another lesson learnt. (And no need to change the master fuse since - although I have learnt a very quick way to do it if anyone else has to.)



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  • 4 months later...

Inox spray ?


How could some Inox spray in the starter motor cause a problem? The liquid is an insulator, and a lubricant. Would it be more likely that in disassembly and reassembly you cleared a mechanical problem you were previously unaware of ?



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