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Drifter project (wanted?)

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hey guys


iv still being bumming around the forum, haven't being posting much because my flying has come to a total Holt :( SHR (sh8t happens racing... my race car was written off ) any way race car rebuilt is happening, i would like to get a "project" something that would need a ground up rebuild, with/without motor, i know theres got to be something in the back of some ones hanger or shed. how much would you expect to pay for something that needs a re-build?


PS: if any one knows of anything PM me please :D







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G'day country kid, haven't seen you around here for some time.


I was speaking with a forumite, who goes by the name 'friarpuk', at Whitegum Farm during Westfly recently. He tells me there is an old Drifter in the back of his hangar at Katanning, owned by somebody else. As it turns out, the Drifter has the name 'Red Rocket' on it, so is probably the one I did my ab initio training in at Narrogin with Rod Jarrold back in the late 90's.


Anyway, don't know if it's available but you could start enquiries by a PM to friarpuk on this forum to get some details.


Good luck,





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Tho not a project, there is a currently registered, very useable and relatively cheap 503 Drifter in the sale ring at Calingiri not too far from your stomping grounds. I will presumptuously suggest however, that funding your aspirations to run/smash/rebuild race cars and rebuild/train/fly an ultralight aircraft will require some very serious fiscal planning for a young fellow. PM me if you want details of the Drifter. cheers



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haha the race car is done. will be sitting in the back of the shed till the next off road season start at easter.. haha iv still being hear pudlurking in the.shadows!! gee you must travel a bit. well iv.given away shooting riley so its a catch twenty two haha



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