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Hi! Catsy here! Member from Adelaide, South Australia!


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G'day all! The names Catsy (online) Chantal (in life)!


I'm a recreational pilot (RAAus) who has just hit her 100 hour total aviation experience mark! and Loving every minute of it!


I fly mainly Jabiru's and the occassional Tecnam and the occassional glider from the Gawler Airfield just an hours drive North of Adelaide, South Australia! If you leave your passenger door open, you'll find you have additional cargo! I'm eager to fly in anycraft and love being up in the skies every opportunity I get... restricted only by my hip pocket :-(


Wonder if there are any other pilots here from Gawler, or from SA even??




Catsy! :-)



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Guest aviatrix27

G'day Catsy, welcome!


I'm a GA pilot based in NE Victoria, but share your obsession. Congrats on the 100 hours!



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Guest David C

Hi Ya Catsy .


Welcome aboard the friendliest aviation site around . I fly RAAus Jabs normally from The Oaks airfield nr Camden in NSW . LIke you I have time on Tecnams too , as well as the Bantam ( see avatar ) .. I wish all the best wishes .. Thanks for coming on board ..


Dave C



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