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Sorry, Also Overdue.

Guest ozzie

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Apologies to all i feel a little rude not having introduced myself several weeks ago.


Came over on the recommendation from David Isaac. No i was not ejected from that other site so will just leave it at that.


I am known around most flying forums as 'Ozzie' and on the skydiving scene as 'Robes'. I do not hide behind these handles and my real name is Steve Robards. I have been involved with Ultralighting right back in the mid seventies when Minumums and MAFA led the way. I started skydiving first (still at it) and had 70 jumps before my first landing in any aircraft. Became interested in Hang Gliding back then as well where i hooked up with Steve Cohen and worked with him for many years with the Stolaero and Condor. I was heavily involved in the Thrusters and derivatives including helping design test fly and certify the TST Thruster that received the first AUF rego number 19-001.


I also was involved in the Lazair when it was imported into Australia and i still own and fly one when i rarely get the chance. Some consider me to have good knowledge concerning our early days history and the machines from that era. I will give good warning tho, step out of line, take what does not belong to you, abuse your position of trust and i will willingly go into battle to right the wrong and will keep at it until done. These days i am a big fan of electric flight and hopefully with the help of the Lazair's designer i will be converting mine. Looking forward to contributing to this forum.





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Guest DavidH10

Welcome, Ozzie. The backgrounder puts some of your previous posts into perspective in my mind, although I think there were plenty of hints along the way :-)



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