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Tecnam Taildragger


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Was reading the latest Australian Flying newsletter and saw this beauty. Maybe just me, but she is much prettier than the tricycle version I think. Interesting though that a big company like Tecnam would spend the money to re-engineer the P-92, especially when RV, who originally designed only taildraggers, have said outright that there is no intention to make a TD version of the RV-12:(. RV's loss I believe, even if the numbers sold are small, their marketing impact should never be underestimated.


Another interesting snippit was that the Tecnam will be available with the O-233 as well as the 912/4 Rotaxes. Nothing like a bit of competition to keep Bombardier honest!




Image courtesy Australian Flying





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Guest Michael Coates

I have seen the PDF draft of the January edition of Pacific Flyer Magazine and there is actually a flight test of this aircraft in the magazine.... also from memory there was a nice photo in the centrefold which I made comment would look nice on the wall of a hanger.


The test was completed immediately after Oshkosh and was very supportive of the plane and the concept they are trying to achieve, from memory there was also a little bit of a Tecnam history lesson in the article as well which made interesting reading



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