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  1. Haha ! Thanks OME - sure you can have a ride but it's s front seat for the co pilot as its flown from the rear seat for solo ops.. We found a guy over in the UK who sends a complete service history for 10 pounds sterling and this active history is pretty impressive to say the least ! Thanks for the comments all ! G
  2. Increasing the cruse was never the goal - Payload or the ability to clear the trees two up was far more important ! 2300 Rpm and just enjoy the scenery at 500 feet is what we bought it for.
  3. We recently bought a 1942 L4 Cub ( Grasshopper ) that is restored to a very high standard. We have just fitted a C90 to replace the C65 and have discreetly added electric starter and wing tanks to give it a bit of range ( as much as you can do at 60Kts ) Its a fantastic plane to fly with the doors wide open and its actually got some pretty amazing history and has been in active service in WW2 ! Now registered with the RAA its a keeper. Really keen to take it to some flyins in NSW Cheers Garth
  4. Truly amazing project - I have been following it for years and he recons it will be ready to fly by early next year. Can you imagine getting two engines out on one side ? EEEKK....
  5. Gforce

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    Great looking aircraft ~!
  6. Hehe.. You know.. I am SUCH a terrible speller I actually needed my mistake " spelled " out for me lol... As long as I entertain.. Im happy :-)
  7. I like flying Tandem as well but only if the back seat has duel controls... my Dads Rv-8 does not so the control freak in me gets a little restless out back !
  8. I renewed mine today so hope it will be done prior to my expiration date.
  9. that would be the sonex - i heard they are making one for the Onex aswell... Personally, I strongly feel that the future of electric sports aircraft in in single seat designs first. A conversion I have been thinking about for some years is Mark Browns amazing Starlite. Given it fly`s great on a Rotax 447 ( 42hp ) it would be an outstanding candidate for the Joby 30KW motor.
  10. But that's a different installation surely... This is in effect, a part 103 ultralight that just became to heavy to offer as such and thats why its a kit S-Lsa. Asked Quicksilver ( when they offered an ultralight ) what there policy would be flying into rain and Im sure they would say " Dont !! "... My point here is that this is a very " good weather flying machine " so if rain is about.. in most cases it would not be suitable to fly so thats the solution... With electric cars like the Teslar.. its been ( and PRICED ) to drive in all conditions. I guess you gotta read whats on the tin !
  11. Frank, Its really one of theses sports that has multiple categories and risk categories to match. 90% of RC club flying with just be sports flying and most clubs require pilots to have a check flight then work on their " wings " Starting with bronze to Gold standard. Very easy stuff but a Gold wing pilot will be a competent pilot and will be able to perform basic aerobatics. All of this would be deemed low risk. Pylon racing would be deemed a higher risk... Jets are again a higher risk... ALOT of RC clubs might restrict flying to " sports only " so you may want to do that. It will still kee
  12. Frank, I don't fly Turbines so cant confirm 100% but my understanding is that they are only allowed to operate in very restricted RC fields DUE to this very reason. It might be something that you would have to exclude from your field use. Here is why...
  13. My own fault but.... I was cloud surfing at about 2000 feet and flew though the clouds and killed the motor. It was flying a 2.4 meter motor glider ( FPV flight ) so was able to easily fly back and land a few Ks away. But it showed me that moisture and electric motors don't play well together. Also, when I picked the glider up water poured out the cowl ! Not alot, but enough to make me avoid flying into clouds as fun as it is !
  14. Not a silly question ! I would think than in the POH they would clearly state to avoid rain and moisture and most probably cover some guild lines as to washing the aircraft etc. In short.. you do not fly an exposed electric engine in rain. As me how I know
  15. Sorry I thought I posted the Electric verion but yes, as above they offer the electric version. I think its around the $200,000 mark RTF !
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