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  1. Hi all Just wishing to let you all know that the 2013 David Hack Classic is on May 5 2013 with both the cars and aircraft together again on the Toowomba Airfield. Among the biggest news for the event is that the Temora Aviation Museum are bringing along two aircraft, the Spitire MK VIII and te CAC Wirraway. This is huge news for us and for the event and cannot thank TAM enough for their support. All are welcome to come along to the event and enjoy the day with us. Regards Scott
  2. during this mornings 9am ABC news breaking news was mentioned that Lismore Airport was closed due aircraft accident.
  3. And just a couple more
  4. Was a fairly good day for comiting aviation, unfortunate to hear you guys over on parts of the Coast couldn't make it over due Wx. About 50 aircraft were present throughout the day and great to see some familiar faces among the crowd to. Just a few from Today. Cheers
  5. The weather today was amixed bag around the area. While the airfield was OK shower activity was noted around but nice little turn out on the feld non the less.
  6. Yeah I am still driving down either way. Haven't been to the airfield for so long and would like some time socializing even if it means sitting in a hanger due Wx just chatting away the time. cheers
  7. Yeah hope the weather is nice for Clifton. Also the David Hack classic Meet is on May 5th, Toowoomba Airfield as well. And this year the cars and Aircraft are back together. Hoping for a good event again the planning is well under way for this one. Also the Queensland Vinatge Aeroplane Group (QVAG) are holding monthly get together days on the first weekend of every month at Watts Bridge airfield as well. Cheers
  8. I just realised my mistake with the image caption I should have said Murphy Maverick.
  9. Yeah the aircraft looks familiar, it appears to be a Murphy Maverick and by the Stripes and scheme, it looks like the aircraft that was based at Toowoomba about 6-7 years ago. The aircraft went to Warwick for a period and then never saw it again for quite some time unfortunately until now. Remember chatting with the owner a couple of occasions albeit both breifly. Here is a shot I took of the Murphy Renegade December 2005 @ YTWB
  10. G'day Dazza Thanks for the kind words , it was certainly interesting doing it live first time for me. I wish to thank thise who did make it to the event. The wind was not friendly, crowd numbers were down and contributed to low aircraft numbers. Local advertising was done but not sure why the numbers were down. I have been involved with events over the years however this was my first attempt at an event organising from scratch and pretty much a solo effort. But have increased in knowledge through the experiance and have had it expressed to me that I have the backing for future events so
  11. The weather is looking good and tomorrow the set up begins. just a couple of days away now. Look forward to see what aircraft arrive for the event. Cheers Scott
  12. The event is only days away now and the weather is looking OK. Looking forward to it. Scott
  13. With time passing by the event is fast approaching. Have a few trade stands booked in. Aeromil are bringing across two Skycatchers, Tecnam have been confirmed, Airline provider Skytrans Airlines have confirmed and will be bringing a Dash 8 300. If there is anyone else who has or knows of anyone in the industry who would like to have a display please feel free to contact me on the above mentioned number. Regards Scott
  14. Will have local aircraft on display. Aeromil has confirmed attendance with 2 Cessna Skycatchers along with Tecnam, para gliding club and Skytrans Airlines Dash 8-300. Rip Cord Skydiving from Gatton have been very generous and will end the event with a skydive demonstration.
  15. G'day All I would like to invite folk to the Toowoomba Open Day celebrating 100 years of Aviation in Toowoomba November 3 2012 9am-3pm. It is a community invitation event with Market stalls, general and aviation related displays, Kids activities, Live Band and a fly-in - Inviting expression of interest from LSA/vintage/Classic/Warbird aircraft owners to join us for the day. All aspects of aviation are invited to attend. Cheers
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