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Raa At The Crossroads


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Like it or otherwise...recent events at Raa HQ are going to culminate in 'change'.


There is an election happening as we speak...vacancies (due to resignations) occuring as we speak...more to come?..I don't know.


Are we prepared to support 'more of the same'?....OR ..do we have people out there ready to have a 'go'?


While we (the members) have not received any official notification of recent events or any proposals to remedy the problems (whatever they are)..we need to be prepared to stand up and support those who, we feel, can get the results we want?


My main reservation is that we will 'sit on our hands' and say bugger all..".she'll be right!" and so on...


Anyone share my thoughts??



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Sounds as though there needs to be a change at the top.Otherwise we will keep having By-elections.Im sure Don and Bill didnt take resigning lightly.They would have given it alot of thought.



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Guest ozzie

Before we go there we need to have all those who have either quit or sacked or any version thereof over the last 5 years of so give a detailed report on why. diddly sqat of that i suppose then what we need is to have a vote of no confidence put in an administrator to keep it rolling then start with a complete new paid exec cause i bet that is where the problem is.. break the God's and the attitude then a new elect board.


Maybe ASIC needs to get involved.



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Guest avi8tr

The cause of this has been eluded to and is mentioned in the last magazines Presidents report.


Based on what I'm hearing there are major issues that can't be rectified any time soon and the resignations revolve around this.


The issues do not appear to be of a personal nature.


I'm really hoping that someone can post something on the record about this soon some can discuss it all in the open.



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