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Hi All


this is a quick note to advise that we now have a single registration and login for our sites:










www.theaussieaviator.net (now known as Aviation Enthusiasts (.net) www.aviationenthusiasts.net)




The above sites are merged in one enormous online resource YET each site still operates independently with their own forums etc. but also many of the resources that were on Recreational Flying can now be used across all sites like the video/audio/text chat rooms, the Aircraft Lists, Aviation Events, Pilot Tools etc etc etc.


Users that were registered on more than 1 of the sites and used the same email address on both, have been merged together so your username, post, post counts, threads, likes are all combined to your one user name.


There is still a lot of work to do over the coming days though. There will be tailoring of specific resources to each site, content specific to each site, modules moved so they are displayed on the site that has that area of interest and much more. So please be patient whilst all this work gets done.


Now, depending on what your interest(s) is/are, you can switch between each site to satisfy that interest...if you are just a recreational pilots with no interest in Professional Flying or Aviation Enthusiasts content AND just Australian content, they all you need to use is the normal Recreational Flying (.com.eu). Those with broader interests have a huge variety and options available to them...but as I said, please be a little patient whilst a lot more work gets completed.


Once it is all done I will send out an email advising of what we have done and how you can benefit even more from such a huge resource of aviation information for all



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