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L39 at Gympie

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Coming back from the farm on the weekend we always grab a late breaky in Gympie then drive to the airfield to eat it. Yesterday the L39 was out doing joy flights first time I had seen it doing any joy flights it has been at Gympie for around 12 months or so. They did 11 flights on saturday and 11 on sunday all at $1200 per 15 minute flight. The crew come up from Newcastle to do the booked flights. I ran into the owner of the aircraft turns out I know his old boss really well. John is retired over in France now drinking lots of wine from his vineyards but Noel is still doing piloting for the company that bought John out. Filmed this with the good old iPhone




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We had one at gunnedah last year still in its warpaint (least I think it was a L39) looks like awesome fun but 1200 dollars keeps the hornet up for a lot longer than 15 minutes lol



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