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This is my bitch about pilots who are more like sheep.


At Old Station in the morning the wind favoured Rwy 24, which is 3000m long grass, with taxiway adjacent for about half its length. So everyone taking off runs down to the end of the taxiway, rolls onto the strip and takes off on a shortened strip. Not really a problem as it is plenty long.


After the display which closed the strip, the wind had dropped right out and was not favouring either direction, so those sheep like pilots resumed their take offs on runway 24. It would have been far more sensible to use 06, which gave a much reduced taxi to the start and also the full length of the strip in case it was needed.


It is extremely difficult to get the traffic turned round because to do so you have to announce that you are going to use 06, then wait until all the taxying traffic has taken off, if it ever does stop as the sheep can only follow each other.


Too hard for me, I decided to wait until later. Or you could say I gave up.



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