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  1. Virgins gone West was how it was in the old PMG too.
  2. I agree with Blueadventres. Keep your log book yourself. When RQAC/ Airline Academy of Aust went bust a few years ago pilots training there who had their log books at the club had problems getting them back after the receivers moved in and closed the premises.
  3. I hear it is planned to be on Saturday 7th August 2021
  4. I remember the Sydney Taxis doing the 5 minute oil changes by sucking it out the dipstick tube back in the mid 1960's
  5. Tefzel aircraft wire is available from Ian's "Clear Prop " shop here in most gauges by the metre. Mick
  6. Rainbow Beach and Orchid Beach strips are both marked on charts without a dedicated CTAF so both would be 126.7
  7. Never mind all of us how is he going to get CASA to bow down?
  8. Mackay Part No HH1752 is a 2 metre pack of 17.5mm hose. Paid $15.45 three years ago. Mackay Part No CH3752 is a molded 17mm 90 deg bend which can be cut to size for the bent hose. Paid $25.50 three years ago.
  9. Castrol Radicool concentrate is usually available at most BP service stations.
  10. Victa Airtourer 115 RQAC Archerfield 1965. Six pound fifteen shillings ($13.50) an hour Dual
  11. There is also an Airservices Tower fee of approx $17 as well as the AAC landing charge for each full stop landing at Archerfield. Total charge for C172 approx $34.
  12. Has been hangared at Heck Field (Jacobs Well) for the last year or so.
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