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  1. Grab your popcorn and cast the lone star stol comp to your tv there is 5hrs of entertainment here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq8CH43YHsQ:79
  2. It's been suggested to me that I should add a center latch to my doors and make it 3 point latching door. I'v taken a photo of this door from another Aeropup and I would like to know what tec name for these bearing bolts (like AN bolts) so I can order a set.
  3. Seen the latest blancolirio report today and the photo's at the end makes it look like flown into the ground at speed. What a mess it made me feel for them even more.
  4. One would think casting stones would be a extremely risky endeavor. You could hit anther one and spark a uncontrollable burn. You'll get locked up for that.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/fraser-island-plane-crash-pilot-defends-air-fraser-safety-record-after-ditching-plane-in-ocean/ar-BBZsP41?ocid=spartanntp Some good photo's in this article of the plane recovery.
  6. Don't quote me on this but I heard on the radio yesterday or the day before a woman's body was found washed up somewhere like Harvey bay.
  7. https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/c8fd5aa5-b3d8-4240-9534-f69c0a5b4de1
  8. Man a very unfortunate place for a forced landing there is stumps and logs everywhere apart from the odd tree. I hope the bloke is ok.
  9. Got some good leads to help me out thanks everyone for your tips and offers to help me out.?
  10. I'll place a wanted add I only need about 50 if that fails I will ask you guys for your contacts.
  11. Where can I buy Cleco's without needing to place a huge order I'm chasing some new or used.
  12. They have also noted that engines 1,2,3 are 0 time engines and #4 has 800 hrs. What ever the course they clearly had there hands full towards the end unfortunately.
  13. The NTSB preliminary report is out and what they are looking out is the bad mags and if the weather (Rain) the night before contributed to that. For the go around the problem engines hat to be turned into the wind. The start on final the aircraft was only 300ft up with gear down and flaps up to limit drag. The aircraft struck the approach lights 1000ft before the runway then contacted the ground 500ft before the runway then veered towards parked cars and deice tanks.
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