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Didn't like it...


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Bob walks into a bar. He's enjoying his beer when he notices a guy sitting at the end of the bar, not drinking, just sitting there looking a bit glum.


Being a friendly sort he goes up to the guy and says "Howzit going mate? Can I buy you a beer?"


"No." says the guy grumpily. "Tried beer once. Didn't like it."


"Oh!" says Bob. "Well, how about a whiskey?"


"No." says the guy. "Tried spirits once. Didn't like it."


Bob scratches his head. "Ok - how about a quick bet? Want to put a little bet on the ponies?"


"No." says the guy grumpily. "Tried gambling once. Lost. Didn't like it."


Bob's really confused now. "Mate... sorry, I don't understand. You don't like beer, you don't like spirits, and you don't like gambling. Why are you in a pub?"


"I'm meeting my son." says the bloke. "He wants to meet me here."


Bob thinks for a bit.


"I see," he said. "Er... only child, is he?"



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