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Double Eagle


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I have plans for the Double Eagle and the Legal Eagle xl. Not really a pretty aeroplane but it look reasonably straight forward to build and would bee a fun machine. Like the fact that the DE uses a VW motor.


Has anyone built one or is considering one?


Apreciate any feed back.



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Yes Nev, the Double Eagle uses an 1835 cc VW to pull it's 2 occupants skyward and the Legal Eagle/ Legal Eagle XL single seat models were designed to use a VW motor with only 2 cylinders fitted to the original crankcase (blanking plates are fitted to seal the back to cyl head holes in the crankcase).


As I said......it's more of a fun 'around the patch' type of machine built with traditional aircraft building materials, chrome molly tube fuse and built up wooden wings.


The seats are interesting......made from strips of aluminium woven into a cross hatch pattern! See http://www.doubleeagleairplane.com/





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