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The Presidency of the SAAA changed hands a few of weeks ago, with the outgoing President citing benign and completely understandable reasons for his resignation. As a result of Jarrod Clowes taking over the Presidency, I anticipate there will be a reorganisation of the National Council to facilitate Jarrod's movement from his NC portfolio into the Presidency role.


It must be remembered that all the NCs in the SAAA are there in a voluntary role. SAAA workload/demands, other commitments, just plain interest and the individuals satisfaction with the role they are playing and perhaps the direction of the organisation are all factors in determining if individuals will continue to serve on the NC and what role they may play.


One of the few salaried positions within the SAAA was addressed yesterday in an email sent to members by the President. The content of that email is as follows:


"This is to advise that Mr Mark Rowe’s tenure as General Manager has been terminated and he is no longer employed by SAAA.


We do not wish to prejudice any possible outcomes on this matter. From a legal standpoint (we) are unable to disclose further details, and ask for the members understanding on this."


So yes, there has been movement within the SAAA management recently. One of the improvements evident in the SAAA recently has been the flow of information to the members. Regular newsletters are sent to members outlining news and issues, so that members do not have to wait for the quarterly magazine to be updated with what is going on. Consultation with members is being undertaken, such as the recent questionnaire about members preferences about the organisation buying the facility at Narromine to be established as the National Headquarters for the organisation.


We have some very proactive National Councillors and with the upheaval that is going on within the SAAA at the moment wrt change in roles/portfolios and with new faces likely to be seen, we need to encourage these folks to continue their efforts to make our organisation a better one for the members. No doubt, it will take Jarrod a few months to get into the swing of things as the new President and with any NC reorganisation, new incumbents will have to settle into their new roles, but personally, I anticipate that the strategic plan for the SAAA will be reviewed and amended by the new management team, and that by the time the AGM comes around, members will receive an explanation of what is occurring within the organisation and what the future plan is.



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