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Aircraft being built

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24/12/2015 Its registered, I am told it looks great, but unfortunately the Christmas shut down came a tad early for us. Still a bit of test flying / Autopilot calibration





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My airplane had a new PAI vertical card compass fitted in 2011 to replace the one fitted in 2007. It went U/S recently and the experts declined to fix it so I now have a std compass instead. Perhaps they don't like aerobatics.



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We took possession of our new VH Registered Brumby 912iS R610 Highwing on 12th Feb 2016


I flew it home with Phil Goad a few days later after some training & a flight check. 3-1/2hrs Cowra - Central Vic


We cruised around 4500' @ 15 - 16 LPH 100K ground speed


Aircraft Includes: All integrated Dynon Avionics: SkyView D1000 & WiFi adapter to quickly upload AvPlan flight plans direct from our iPad mini. Dynon Video input module & all has a back up battery. Dynon Transponder with ADSB out. 2 x Axis Auto pilot with an additional seperate Dynon knob module controller re: On & Off / Level flight / Altitude set. It also has Up & Down arrows re climbing /decending at (100' per min to 1000' per min or more)


It has another seperate lower mounted Dynon 3 knob module controller for Auto pilot re: Altimeter / Heading / GPS - NAV.


(I feel the control knob buttons Dynon offer as an extra are much easier to use in turbulence than interrogating the SkyView unit)


Dynon Dual watch radio.


Dynon Intercom module, music in jack.


Autopilot has an Off & On button on yoke.


Monroe traffic watch alert.


2 Light speed PFX Zulu hard wired head sets. (Lemo sockets) & Head set hanger hooks


Quality Aviation clock.


3 Back up large round gauges ASI. Altimeter. Elec AH.


Has an in dash mounted iPad mini holder bracket


Console mounted iPad mini holder


2 USB charge sockets in console Dash iPad mini & iPhone


1 USB charge socket in dash for iPad mini in bracket


Some gauges are backlit


Whirlwind 3 Blade prop.


Quality 600mm x 6 Alloy Grove Wheels & Brakes.


Each wheel has a metal mud deflector for our paddock landing strips


LED Landing light


Anderson Battery chargeing plug fitted up underneath to keep battery levels up.


The Aircraft also comes with Dual Yokes & controls. Oleo nose wheel. All metal construction. Great strong toe brakes. 4 Point safety harness. 2 Fresh air vents. Combination LED strobe & beacon. Hand brake. Heater.


A nice wide interior with an upholstered fit out. Comfortable fully adjustable seats. Map pockets. Plastic lined door trims & door locks. Large sun visors. Cabin Is large & spacious


130L long range tanks.


Nice paint job to your specs or leave it up to Brumby. I'm 1.8M tall & I can just walk under the wings


It has now done about 70 in Flight Hrs & excels at altitude, takes off quickly in our paddocks with 2 POB


It is a very strong feeling engine, keep all fuel filters really clean especially the first 12 Months of a new build, use a Mr Funnel, keep to the Aircrafts maintenance schedules & I feel you will have very few problems. Take the time to practice the restart sequence on the ground because the iS does take a bit of practice


Beware if you accidently turn off / bump off the main fuel pump rocker switch it will stop dead.


Don't place this rocker switch to close to the SkyView buttons as an accidental bump off with your finger knuckle could occur. Always use the Aux pump for takeoff / until safe altitude.


Considering our complex build & inclusions & the new type ROTAX injected engine, we have had few problems, all issues were handled promptly by Brumby or they organised for your LAME to carry out any warranty issues.


I will post a few pics in a day or so


Happy flying





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Very interesting numbers. Congratulations - obviously you didn't lose faith that it would finally get finished. Really interested in your Basic Empty Weight, and your propeller settings, also your 65% and 75% cruise performance at say, 3000, 6000, 9000.


I'd be really hesitant to have an iS engine in a trainer as it appears there are a few complexities. The simpler the better for students!


Ours is a workhorse in the flying school. Delivered March 2015 - now has 330 hrs VDO, but 260 or so actual 'air' hours as determined by an airswitch - which is similar times to the GPS which actuates at 30 KIAS each way. We rarely get to fly it on decent legs as even cross country training doesn't get very high - especially here where coastal cloud and rain is a major feature. My personal transport is still an RV9A, (while I still can hold a medical).


happy days,



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Its been 4 Yrs from my first encounter & test flight with the Brumby brand at NatflyTemora in April 2014. This is my final post on this thread "Aircraft being built". Our wings have been sold. It has new Rego & an enthusastic and caring owner, it was great to see it move on to a pilot who appreciated the extras that we included in our original build specifications, if any pilots would like feedback contact me by email at .......... [email protected]


Safe & enjoyable flying to all


Cheers RJ



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Sorry to anyone who replied and requested information via the hushmail email address in my last post. I changed my net provider not long after that post and as such it has not been available for contact.


As I have now been out of the aviation scene for quite a while now it is only fair that you contact Brumby for the latest and most up to date technical information & specifications.


Cheers RJ



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