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ASICs and AVIDs for student pilots


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Notice for flying training organisations:


* ASICs and AVIDs for student pilots


* new legislative instruments published


With the introduction of new flight crew licensing regulations on 1 September 2014, there are some important changes to the way aviation security identity cards (ASICs) and aviation identifications (AVIDs) are administered.


From 1 September, there is no specific requirement for a student pilot to undergo a security check or hold an ASIC/AVID, unless they are operating from or into a designated security airport.


Instead, flying training organisations should:


* outline to students (as part of the student orientation process) the aviation security rules and CASA’s ‘fit and proper person’ assessment which will be undertaken prior to the issue of the student’s first licence


* explain that there are requirements individuals need to meet in order to become a student pilot – these include medical requirements, obtaining an aviation reference number (ARN) and being at least 15 years old to fly solo (for more information refer to CASA’s Learning to Fly – Student pilots fact sheet).


If an operational need is identified which requires a student pilot to obtain an ASIC, flying training organisations will need to provide written confirmation to CASA that the applicant is a student pilot and requires frequent access to a designated security airport. This letter should be submitted along with a completed Application for Aviation Security Identity Card form (form number 498) to CASA’s Permission Application Centre.


If you have any questions or need further information, please email [email protected]


Legislative instruments published


The legislative instruments outlining the requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to conduct flight tests and issue applicable qualifications under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 61 are now available on the CASA website.


To find out more about the new flight crew licensing regulations visit the Licensing Regulations section on the CASA website.



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