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Hi All


Just a note to say that in the coming days the site will receive a big enhancement update.


Some of the things that are coming are:


Extra Poll Options


When you create a Poll you will have extra options available to you:




User Online Indicator


If a user is currently online a little flag will appear with their avatar on posts etc. This will help you to know if the user is currently online so PC'ing (Private Conversation) may be better used


Post Replying By Quoting


A big change is going to be in the way you can quote and multi-quote other posts in your post creation. You will have the option of just highlighting certain text in a post and clicking the quote button and just that text will be quoted. The same goes for multi post quoting. You can even then drag and drop the quotes into a different order that suits you. Here is a video of how this will work:



There are many many other small enhancements coming with the update which is currently in its final stages of testing...we continually strive to provide a greater and more pleasurable use of this great resource to you all on Recreational Flying



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Hi all


I have just updated the site with this enhancement pack and all seems to be working ok however, if you see or experience any issues please let me know...thanks



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