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Jock & Jean had been happily married for 5 years & furthermore they were both very health consciense.


Soon after they first got married they both decided that rather than join a gymnasium to keep fit & keep their bodies trim they would perform regular horizontal exercises in bed each evening as they considered that they were both NYMPHOS..


One evening Jock came home after being to the Doctor for a check up about his swollen Pecker & told Jean that the Doctor had recommended urgent surgery on his swollen Pecker & until the surgery was perormed & the swollen pecker had healed he would have to be celebant for a couple of months, which was of concern to both of them.


Because of the urgency of this operation , Jean took Jock to the Hospital & left an envelope addressed to Dr. Dolittle who would perform this urgent procedure on Jocks pecker.


As Jock was being wheeled into the operating theatre by the nurse, the nurse handed Jeans envelope to Doctor Dollittle , which he opened immediately. The note stated the following request: "Don't slip with the scalpel because I desperately want PERCY THE PECKER to be fully operational again asap".


After the operation Dr. Doolittle wrote a memo for Jean in response to her letter & pinned it to Jocks pyjamas which read: "Jocks Pecker was safe , mainly because his unusually diminutive size made the little fella difficult to find".018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif



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Jock goes to see the Doctor who turns out be fresh out of medical school. She asks what is Jock's problem. He said "It's rather embarrassing and would there be an older male Doctor he could see'?" She assured him that she had been fully trained and she would be fine. So nervously Jock dropped his pants revealing himself. At the sight of the smallest pecker she had ever seen she was doing her best to hold her laughter back as she asked "What is wrong?" Jock replied angrily "It's swollen!"



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