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[22 Feb 2015] Jack Flyer at Avalon. (Vic)


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Hello guys and gals , good news and bad news!


Bad news- Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control my book " The a Diary of JACK FLYER" will not be pressed in time for Avalon....


Good news- I will still be going for the public day on Saturday


So please come and say hello , come meet me and put a real face to my name ,or names- Tim aka FLYERME. aka Jack Flyer ;)


I'll be hanging with RAA So keep a look out. Pretty sure you all know what I look like by now? 096_tongue_in_cheek.gif.d94cd15a1277d7bcd941bb5f4b93139c.gif



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U flying over too avlon m8Some of the North boys will be there I almost made it but work changed those plans Ian well , warren butler and a few others be there .

hey bud, nah hanging off until last minute just incase of miracle and book arrives...so driving :(

Yep Ian Wells confirmed meeting me sat :)



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