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Icom A200 intercom connectivity

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Morning all!


I look to be getting an A200 equipped aircraft shortly with no external intercom.


I am lead to believe that the lack of VOX on the A200 is a bit of a pain and as such, would love to add an intercom, such as a sigtronics or similar.


I have seen this topic touched on with no real answers. Has anyone done this or can advise as to how the intercom is integrated? Is it an easy job?


Any assistance appreciated.



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If you are handy with a soldering iron and can work your way around some simple electronics I can supply you with the details of my add-on VOX for the A200. It's based on a Jaycar Minivox kit plus a couple of extras, mainly switching circuitry which mutes the opposite seat microphone when either seat transmit PTT is operated. It has worked well for 8 years so far. No extra intercom unit is needed and no mods to the A200. PM me if interested.



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