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Sydney Victor 1 flight. Oct 14th


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A lovely Sydney day dawned on Sunday the 14th, plan was to take my partner for her first flight in a recreational aircraft, she unfortunately has been trained in GA aircraft and hence still hold the same negative thoughts carried over from her GA/ hour building ultralights are dangerous Instructors. so i thought a Victor one flight would change her mind, Unfortunately, the weather on this day was very thermally and not real comfortable in a jabiru. though fortunately, the other half was sick and told me to fly off on my own.. so i invited my father and handed him a camera.



Lining up at Hoxton parks runway 34.



considering my Father runs a transport company, he was interest in seeing Wetheril Park from the air. (might make a interesting poster to give to clients)



Im sure most locals know this location, The lighthouse at Barrenjoey heads. or Palm beach.



Palm Beach from 1000 ft.



The northern Beaches.



Long Reef, the un-official beginning of Victor 1, make an all stations call at this point.



Manly beach to the right, North head to the left. after calling at Long reef earlier, Squirrel helicopter called announcing doing air work 2 miles east of North Head not above 200ft... interesting.



Spotted something interesting 2 miles off the coast from north head. and the squirrel helicopter.



Not exactly sure what ship this is, but i missed the ch 7 news to see what it was. made for some interesting flying thats for sure! must have been quite a sight on board with a Jabiru and a chopper both circling.



nice boat.



South head, the official start of the Victor 1, Control Lower Limit is 500ft. radio call again made here and organise separation of northbound traffic. fortunately there was none on this trip, which is unusual for such a wonderful Sunday.



Bondi beach. and some very expensive properties.



even bigger boat. departing botany bay



Kurnell, where i grew up. remember the beach breaks well.



Kurnell peninsular, once the home of mighty sand dunes that were hundreds of feet high! sadly all gone, im thinking just a few days of big southerly storms and Kurnell will become an island. I remember having to walk to boat harbour, now its practically a highway there, and an expensive one at that. very sad.



South Cronulla, where i live now on weekends when im not in Nowra. a denifit of the drought is crystal clear water!



Jibbon point and Bundeena, oh how i wish i had a float plane! ( a Savannah on floats is my next aircraft) Jibbon Pt is the Southern end of the Victor 1, control lower limit is 1000ft from here.



Such natural beauty so close to syd.



Approaching Hoxton park on the dead side of the circuit at 1700ft.



Just turned base for runway 34.



Rolling out of the turn onto final



Finals for 34, crossing over the M7 motorway (very handy in case of engine trouble)



Short final



moments before a perfect touchdown right on the numbers, literally.


so how was my approach?


whales were also spotted just of the coast at Maroubra, but missed them with the camera. I wonder if they were the same whales Kazz spotted thurther down the coast?


next weekend will be a check flight in the schools new Technam! cant wait for that, oh, and my new apple Mac arrives as well..



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Guest Fred Bear



Absolutely magic pics and story mate! You brought back some memories of V1 and the beaches from my old GA days. I really need to do this flight again soon! Dave C, let's go mate! Awesome shots of Palm Beach (dare I admit being a Home and Away fan). Enter some of these pics into the comp for this month mate. Thanks heaps for sharing ;)



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Guest David C
Rob,Absolutely magic pics and story mate! You brought back some memories of V1 and the beaches from my old GA days. I really need to do this flight again soon! Dave C, let's go mate! Thanks heaps for sharing ;)

We will talk about it this weekend at Cowra ...


What great photos ...WOW !! ... Makes me want to go for a fly right now , magic stuff ;)... Thanks for sharing them . Incidentally I checked out on the Tecnam with Ashley a few weeks ago . What a fantastic little aircraft , and a real beauty to fly ,and land too , which is always a bonus !!006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif.


Dave C



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Guest Graham Lea

Fantastic shots.. I could almost see my weekender at 45% off the pitot tube in the photo of palm beach :-)


Victor 1 is probably equal to THE BEST run you can do anywhere I reckon. I normally suggest early/mid am as the sun is behind you and the city shows up well. Great camera what was it?? How come no or little reflection from the windows? Last time I did it with the wife I asked her to open the door and shoot into clear air to stop the reflection. Usual argument about how to do things followed. Got no good shots of the w/ender or anything for that matter, so am jealous of yours. Congratulations it must have been a great flight. (Next time watch out for the inbound choppers coast running when they should be off to the left of you, making no radio call.)





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