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Welding 4130 steel

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Filler rod 4130.


Rather than give you an opinion, I will check with a friend of mine who is a current certified aircraft welder, on sun or mon, and get back to you, unless someone has already done it. You will have to have some idea how you will heat treat it post weld( TIG ) as well as it is necessary to avoid brittleness N...



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Filler rod for 4130.


Robert, There are traps with using 4130 and you should use or consult with, a qualified aircraft welder. I can't place my material on the forum, (due to its source,& technical/metallurgical complexity) and I'm not going to take the responsibility of reformatting it, as I'm not qualified. The job has to be done properly or you can end up with a brittle weld which would be totally unsafe in an aircraft environment, particularly.


If you have a lot to do, perhaps you would consider doing a welding course, though if you told them it was for aircraft they would probably freak out. Funny that! Must be a message there somewhere. Cheers Nev..



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