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Rotax 912ULS Oil Pressure

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Evening All,


I am a freshly minted owner of a GR912s Lightwing.I am getting to know my new aircraft and have taken it out for a couple of local trips around town.


I have a couple of questions for those who are experienced on type.


1. At takeoff/climb power, the oil pressure sits at or over the maximum on the green gauge arc. That is the green arc for normal is 50psi up to 90psi. The red indicator needle sits at about 90-95 (hard to tell with a bit of parallax error). The gauge goes up to 100 psi. Oil temp always sits at mid range. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Does it need rectification?


2. The heel braking system sucks. Do any other operators have a better set up?







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My 912 uls... Startup (oil cold) about 70/75 psi. In flight (hot) not less than 50psi. These are about normal figures.


To some degree it is related to oil temp. My oil temp is generally 104 to 108 C in flight. Rotax recommend getting over 100 C at least once per flight to burn off/ evaporate moisture.


Best thing to do is fit a mechanical gauge and check if it is instrument error or it is actually reading pressure that high. (Which I think is too high). There is an M10X 1mm plug just in front of the oil press sensor you can tap into.(5mm hex key to remove)


Your CHT and oil temp sensors are the same, so you can swap them around to check they are ok if needed.



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