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NEW HobbyKing BIXLER 3 Cheap Trainer/FPV platform

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Got my hands on the new version of the Bixler 3 a few weeks back ahead of its launch yesterday (6th December). Minutes to put together. Apparent changes from the original are larger space up front for bigger lipos, so more flight time. Re-designed for FPV. It comes with a pre-assembled ply mount for your FPV gear. Designed with optional flaps. I dropped my RunCam 2 and its docking station onto the nose and it worked well. Great view from my FPV goggles like I was sitting in the cockpit and flying the plane !




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Bixler's are good machines. Very stable. And they last forever. They make great slope soarers without the motor too.


This is my Bixler slope soarer. I call it the Bixler Wolfe...





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I sika flexed an aluminium plate to the firewall of a foam and plastic electric mustang, then bolted a .15 glow engine to it. I hand launched it with motor running and the torque tore the front clean out of it after about 10 feet. Modifications are fun learning experiences.



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