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Another milestone for the Showcase. 300 profiles created since the switch to Xenforo platform. Some have been re-done from the IPS platform and some copied by Ian. I can only acccess some details from Ian's files, so it means re-searching details. From experience gained, I have located additional sources for some of the data, which is why there has been a difference in some specs. eg., data from US databases may not have metric conversions. I have also added more photos. The current version of the Showcase has now achieved over 16,000 views. It is time consuming, and annoys the wife no end, but helps to keep me sane (I think) during the lockdown.

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I have just completed the 100th aircraft profile on the Showcase. It has received over 5,600 views.

Thanks for the showcase Red750. Enjoy the reads. Cheers

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