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Drifter For Sale!

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All things must come to an end and Ron Biondi has finally put his beloved Drifter, 'The Red Barron' up for sale! Ron will be 90 years old very shortly! the Drifter is registered and Ron is still legal to fly but  he`s finding it just too hard to get in and out of and on top of that, I keep telling him " it`s better to retire from flying than to become a statistic".


Ron was the first guy in the Cairns area to buy a Drifter from Austflight Aviation! it originally came out with twin seats and controls, but at the time it couldn`t be registered as such so to be legal it had to be registered under ANO 95-10, which meant the rear seat and controls had to come out.


I got to fly that Drifter before Ron ( flown it several times over the years) as Ron hadn`t learned to fly yet, like me, he`d done a few hours in a Cessna and decided it wasn`t the way he wanted to fly! 




Ps, If interested, let me know and I`ll put you in touch with Ron or his daughter, Andrea Gregory.... For those on facebook, you`ll find details on Andrea Gregory`s post, dated, 8 November...  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1419567688295037/







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