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I run a 2200 jab in a Corby Starlet. Only ever had one problem. I had detonation, caused by using mogas, which was of dubious quality, or at least that is the only conclusion I could come to.

It demolished the piston lands on No 4 piston.

I had a rough running engine when doing the mag check, couldn't find the problem and swapped coils over, still had the same problem. Engine was smooth at low revs and also smooth at high revs, with little mag drop.

I elected to climb as high as I could over the departure airstrip, then head for home. I had a few alternative landing sites and I arrived at the home strip with no problems.

The engine was removed and luckily I took off No4 cylinder and found the problem immediately.

New piston, new rings all round and honed the bores, Still going strong.

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