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Is there still a skyranger dealer in Australia

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On 27/01/2021 at 12:13 AM, Garfly said:

Sadly, after surviving all of that in his Skyranger he flew back to Africa a year or two later (2016) in a new Nynja to complete the adventure but was killed in an EFATO accident in Kenya.




This is the Kenyan official accident report.


Accident report NYNJA F-JSCZ 14 March 2016.pdf 2.67 MB · 6 downloads

Sorry to hear about the sudden loss of oil just after takeoff. A very sad report. The occupants didn't have a chance.

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For the person asking about a tailwheel Skyranger, I have one. Basically it appears to be a Ski conversion retro-fitted for summer flying with wheels. It is my theory that the lighter a machine is the more of a hand-full it is. This seems to apply to everything from Aircraft and Bulldozers through Excavators and tractors through to quads, but may not apply to two wheels! With the original non differential brakes the aircraft could be a nightmare to handle at times, especially with a tailwind. The rudder is shorter than standard and the directional rib under fuselage is removed. The only way to recover directional control when being lost was to apply power. It was always a dream to handle into a good breeze. Once fitted with differential heel brakes it became much more manageable, although still more skittish than my Maule. When I purchased my kit, the tailwheel part arrived separately, and the then French Australian agent found words in the French instructions that he did not understand! That made assembly interesting. The supplied tail spring was far too short. I have done over three hundred hours in it and consider it a fantastic fun machine for bush and local flying.

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