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  1. Cheers all it's on my short list especially @600kg ,do they still have the tail dragger option.
  2. Can't find an Australian dealer any more when doing a Google search, is there still one in Oz.
  3. Cheers for that gives me an idea for comparison now
  4. Hi all ,looking for some specs on the drifter mainly is there a max front seat limit, thought I'd read it somewhere once but can't find any reference to it anywhere now. Cheers
  5. Can anyone tell me the ballpark price for the kit in Australia
  6. Idid mine not that long ago and have found that being a low hour pilot,if I leave it more than 4 or 5 weeks ,I need to do some circuits with my instructor to get back in the groove.They're right about the foot work, I folowed my taildrager staight up with my X-country as if they were one ,and upon returning from my first solo nav right on time and feeling pretty pleased with my self and relaxing just that little bit,upon touchdown Ijoined the groundloop club infront of the entire gliding club.
  7. I dropped in for a look just prior to Christmass and was shown around by Sue ,who also offered me a test flight which was gladly accepted.
  8. That's way I'm leaning at the moment, went through the factory acouple of weeks ago,that was interesting ,they only had a 430 available to fly ,that was good though.
  9. I'm still training,currently doing my crosscountry and been looking aruond at the different aircraft available wit the view to buying one in the future, and as I'm a fairly heffty bloke, currently weighing in at 115kg, even at mtow of 600kg + full fuel I'm left with less than 50kg in most aircraft so even an increase to 650-700 kg would allow me to take a pax away for a trip away,assuming that any aircraft with the increased MTOW has similar empty weight to those currently available.
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